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Community Governance Review Timetable

Uttlesford District Council is to undertake a Community Governance Review during summer 2021.

This provides an opportunity to review and make changes to governance arrangements at parish level.

This is to ensure they are working as efficiently and effectively as they should be. It also ensures that they are reflective of the identity and interest of local communities. We will work closely with local councils and parish meetings and with the Essex Association of Local Councils (EALC) as part of this review.

The timetable

Below is the timetable agreed by the Governance, Audit and Performance Committee on 22 October 2020.


Community Governance Review of Parishes 2021 Timetable
Stage of ReviewActivityDate
Initial report to Governance, Audit and Performance CommitteeAgreement of terms of reference and timetable to start review22 October 2020
CommencementPublication of terms of reference and timetable1 June 2021
Stage 1 ConsultationIdentification of known matters regarding parish councils to be publicised and initial submissions invited.1 June - 30 July 2021
Consideration of submissions receivedRepresentations to be collated and investigated; recommendations to Committee to be prepared.2 August - 3 September 2021
Further report to Governance, Audit and Performance CommitteeAgreement on recommendations.TBC October 2021
Stage 2 ConsultationPublication of recommendations for further representations to be received on such recommendations.TBC October - 30 October 2021
Decision of CommitteeAgreement on recommendations for implementation on 1 December 2021.TBC November 2021
Order madePublication of Order and request made to Local Government Boundary Commission for consequential order to district ward and county electoral division boundaries, as appropriate.November 2021 - exact date TBC
Publication of revised register Publication of revised register incorporating revised parish boundaries (if any).1 December 2021
Implementation of changes to district ward and county electoral division boundaries (if any)Consequential Changes Order to be made by the Local Government Boundary Commission (if required)Date TBC