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Hackney carriage and/or private hire driver: conditions of licence

Conditions that all our Hackney carriage and private hire drivers must follow.

Drivers will:

1.Be polite.


2. Wear smart clothing. The following are deemed to be unacceptable:

a. Bare chests

b. Clothing or footwear which is unclean or damaged

c. Clothing printed with words, logos or graphics which might offend

d. Sports shirts e.g. football, rugby or cricket tops or tracksuits

e. Footwear that prevents the safe operation of the licensed vehicle

f. Shorts, other than smart tailored shorts


3. Attend to collect pre-booked hirers punctually unless prevented from doing so by some unforeseeable cause.


4. Give reasonable assistance to passengers with luggage.


5. Carry securely a reasonable quantity of luggage.


6. Not eat or drink in the vehicle during the course of a hiring.


7. Not play any radio, tape recorder, CD/DVD player or similar device during the course of hiring without the hirer's permission.


8. Not use equipment of the type referred to in paragraph 7 above so as to cause a nuisance either to passengers in the vehicle or to others.


9. Take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of passengers.


10. Not carry more than the number of passengers specified in the licence for the vehicle.


11. Not carry any passengers other than the hirer without the hirer's permission.


12. Not carry any animals during the course of a hiring other than animals belonging to the hirer.


13. Ensure any animals carried in the vehicle are adequately restrained and are kept in such a position so as not to be a distraction to the driver or to cause a danger or nuisance.


14. Not to demand from a hirer a fare greater than has previously been agreed with the hirer (applicable to the use of private hire vehicles and hackney carriages carrying out journeys that do not start and end in the district).


15. Issue written receipts for fares paid when requested to do so.


16. Search the vehicle at the end of each hiring for lost property.


17. Take reasonable steps to return lost property promptly to its owner and if this cannot be done to report the matter to the police as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event within 24hours.


18. Carry a copy of these conditions at all times when driving a licensed vehicle and produce them for inspection upon request by a hirer, police officer or officer of Uttlesford District Council.


19. Notify Uttlesford District Council in writing of:

a. Any change of address within 7 days of the change of address occurring

b. Any change in the driver's physical or mental condition which may affect his or her ability to drive within 48 hours of the driver becoming aware of such change

c. Any damage caused to a licensed vehicle or any accident the driver may have been involved in whilst in charge of a licensed vehicle within 72 hours of the damage or accident occurring

d. Any convictions, cautions or fixed penalty notices (save for in respect of civil parking fixed penalty notices which cannot result in the endorsement of points upon the driver's licence) within 7 days of the date of conviction, caution or the issue of a fixed penalty notice.

e. Any investigations being carried out into the activities of the driver by the police or a regulatory authority of which the driver is aware within 7 days of the driver becoming aware of the investigation.


20 The driver shall not at any time smoke tobacco or any other like substance or electronic cigarettes in a licensed vehicle.


21. The driver shall when hired to drive to any particular destination, subject to any direction given by the hirer, proceed to such destination by the shortest possible route.