Local Plan: Council receives many more sites than required in 'Call for Sites'

Last week the Council published the 299 sites that landowners and developers wish to have considered for development in the forthcoming local plan for the district, which, if all were developed, would accommodate well in excess of 70,000 new homes, 57,000 over the requirement.

Over the next six months the council will be gathering evidence to decide which of these locations may be chosen to meet the need for up to 17,000 new homes up to 2040 which have been identified as necessary by central government. Of this figure there are already plans in place for over 4,000 homes which means the council is likely to need to identify additional land for around 13,000 homes to meet the potential housing requirement in the plan period.

Cllr John Lodge, Leader of the Council, said: "Many more sites have been put forward by landowners and developers than will be required for development in the district over the next 20 years.

"Sites will be rigorously tested for their suitability and their sustainability on a range of matters such as impact on landscape, heritage, transport, and how they fit with the vision and strategic direction of the plan. The council is committed to create a local plan that supports high quality design, climate action and protects our natural environment. 

"It is important that the council has the evidence to make sure the best sites are chosen and that the other sites can be very effectively protected from unwelcome development."

Any sites which may be included in the plan will be fully consulted on, as part of the plan-making process going forward. Everyone will be given an opportunity to comment on the first draft of the local plan which is due to be published early in 2022.

The Local Plan website details all the work to date on the local plan, including the recent response to the Call for Sites, and further information will be regularly published as work proceeds in preparing the evidence base for the local plan.

Everyone with an interest in the local plan is encouraged to sign up for regular information and updates by subscribing to the council's e-newsletter service, via www.uttlesford.gov.uk/local-plan-news

26 July 2021