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Volunteering as an employee

There may be occasions where our staff would like to volunteer their time to help with good causes during working hours.

Do you volunteer your personal time to benefit your community?

We know that there are times when our staff would like to volunteer to help with good causes during working hours. Our policy for leave entitlement allows staff time out during the working week to make this possible.

So, if you're keen to help out a local or national project, charity or initiative with a community benefit in an unpaid role and during your working hours, you can. We will consider such requests up to a maximum of two days in any leave year (pro-rata for part-time staff) and no pay will be deducted.

To get this underway you'll need to speak to your line manager before completing a registration form.

What sort of things can I do?

We know that volunteering can cover a wide range of activities. Many of these we are happy for you to do during working hours. But there are a few that we think are not appropriate.

Some examples of appropriate volunteering opportunities

  • Working on a specific project for a local community organisation
  • Working directly for a registered charity
  • Any volunteering opportunity accessed via the Uttlesford Volunteer Bureau or the Council for Voluntary Service Uttlesford

Here are some examples volunteering activities which do not qualify

  • Preparation for, or participation in, fundraising opportunities such as marathons and charity treks
  • Activities such as school day trips where parental help is requested
  • Volunteering for any organisation which may conflict with the neutrality of officers, such as political parties or campaign groups


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