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Council behaviours and expectations

We want everyone who works with us to enjoy working here and provide the best possible services to our communities.

Why we need behaviours

We want you to enjoy working in Uttlesford and to provide the best possible services to our communities.

We know that kind, positive employees, who work well with their colleagues in a flexible way are those who are most productive and therefore will help us achieve our goals.

By demonstrating the behaviours we have said we would like to see in our colleagues, we can create a great place to work.

What we mean by behaviour

Behaviours demonstrate the attitudes and approach we take to our work. They are:

  • How we do things
  • How we treat each other
  • What we say and how we say it
  • How we expect to be treated
  • How we work together
  • Our approach to our work

We basically ask you, as an employee, to treat others as you would wish to be treated.

How they work

We ask every member of staff to choose two behaviours from each of our categories - that is six behaviours for everyone, no matter where you work in the council. We have grouped our values under headings:

  • Achieving high performance
  • Responding to customer needs
  • Working together

Each value has a number of different behaviours to choose from.

Achieving high performance

• Creates and maintains a positive work ethic while striving to get the job done
• Shows pride in what they do

• Identifies where changes are needed and helps make them happen
• Learns from experience/mistakes

Problem solving
• Adopts a proactive and positive approach to solving problems
• Produces innovative ideas, thinks 'outside of the box'

• Promotes and embraces change, is open to new ways of working

Responding to customer needs

Customer focused
• Open and honest in communication with internal and external customers; shows courtesy and respect
• Demonstrates required behaviours to meet all customer charter promises above and beyond specified requirements
• Conducts themselves in a professional manner, promoting the council's reputation

• Understands and responds to customer needs
• Actively seeks feedback to improve customer service
• Proactively works to progress new ways of working to improve customer service

Working together

Valuing others
• Treats everyone fairly, with respect and dignity, responding sensitively to individuals
• Shows respect for the values, experience, contribution or work of others

Team working
• Develops team working in service area and across the council and strives to maintain a high level of motivation
• Works across service areas to attain common goals
• Encourages others to input ideas and opinions and responds to good suggestions

• Open and honest in communication, seeking and giving regular feedback

Developing others
• Shares job knowledge and skill willingly with other employees to help them or assist in their development

Recognising success
• Acknowledges success/achievements of others in the organisation