Reporting mould and damp - district council tenants

How to tell us about mould and damp in your home if you are a district council tenant.

If you are a district council tenant and you notice damp or mould in your home, please call us to report it straightaway, so we can come and inspect your home.

If damp and mould is left, it is likely to get worse. When we visit, we will assess what is causing the problem and what we need to do to sort it out.

Extractor fans in council homes

The extractor fans fitted in our council homes are energy efficient and have low running costs of just a few pence per day. It is very important that you leave these fans turned on and do not attempt to disable them in any way.

The fans are designed to remove moisture from the air and many of them have a boost function which comes into operation when the moisture in the air is at its highest.

If you are a district council tenant and you have any concerns about the fans in your house you should contact Uttlesford Norse Services.

Check all your radiators are working

If you are a district council tenant you can call Dodd Group for a heating check.

Telephone: 01799 510510 (press 5 and then 2)