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Reporting mould and damp - private tenants

How to tell your landlord about mould and damp in your home if you are a private tenant.

If you are a private tenant, including anyone renting from a housing association, and you've reported problems with damp to your landlord and they haven't done anything about it, you can contact our Environmental Health team

Should you wish to discuss a mould problem with Environmental Health before referring the matter to your landlord, you are also welcome to contact the service.


Your landlord must repair anything causing a condensation problem, for example, a broken heating system or faulty extractor fan.

If the problem isn't resolved through repairs, your landlord should consider improving:

  • ventilation
  • heating
  • insulation

What your landlord has to do depends on how bad the problem is. Some landlords provide dehumidifiers rather than make expensive improvements.

Shelter have produced a short video with practical advice on how you can prevent mould and damp in your home and what your landlord should be doing to fix the problem.

You can also find out what you should do about damp and mould in your rented home on Shelter's website.