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Cost of living support

Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

Complete a Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support review

We require a number of Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) awards to be fully reviewed each year to make sure the right amount of benefit is being paid.

If you have received a letter asking you to fill in a review form, your account has been selected for a full review.

If you have not received a letter asking you to fill in a review form you should not use this form.


Changes you must tell us about

You need to fill in this form to tell us about your current circumstances.

We will ask about you, your household, your income and capital, the financial position of other people in the household and about your home, your rent and service charges.

Tell us straight away if:

  • any of your children leaves school or leaves home
  • anyone moves in or out of your home (including lodgers and subtenants)
  • your income, or the income of anyone living with you, changes (including benefits)
  • your capital, savings or investments change
  • you or anyone living with you becomes a student, goes on a Youth Training Scheme, goes into hospital or a nursing home, goes into prison, or gets, changes or leaves a job
  • your rent changes
  • you move house or move to a different room within a house
  • you or your partner are going to be away from home for more than a month
  • you receive any decision from the Home Office
  • anything you have told us about previously changes

You must make sure that you tell us about any changes in your circumstances. Do not rely on someone else to pass on the message.

It is an offence not to tell us about any change of circumstance that affects your entitlement to benefit. We may take court action against you.

If we pay you too much benefit, you will probably have to pay the full amount back.

Before you start

You will need to provide evidence of some of the things that you tell us about including:

  • your capital, savings and investments
  • your earnings
  • other income
  • benefits, allowances, tax credits or pensions
  • tenancy and rent
  • any other money paid in or out

Fill in the form

The Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support review form is an editable PDF. You can download a copy and fill it in as an electronic document or print it out and complete it by hand.

You will need to return it to us by email or by post.

Download the Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support review form (PDF) [497KB]

Email the form


Post the form

Post: Benefits, Uttlesford District Council, London Road, Saffron Walden CB11 4ER

What happens next

We will use the information you give us to check we have the most up to date information and are paying you the right amount of benefit.

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