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Polling places review 2023-24

Every 5 years the (Acting) Returning Officer must carry out a formal review of the Council's polling scheme. The scheme comprises the Polling Districts (individual registers); the Polling Place (building within the parish or a specific part of it), and its Polling Stations. The Polling Station is the room where the actual voting takes place, and it is the sole discretion of the (A)RO to decide on the most suitable room or whether two or more rooms are required due to electorate size.

The ARO has to review polling provision within his Constituency. The Parliamentary Constituency is currently called Saffron Walden and comprises the whole of the district (which is the responsibility of the Returning Officer) and at a parliamentary election this takes in four wards from Chelmsford City Council.  However, as from the next parliamentary election, the constituency name will change to North West Essex and four wards of the Uttlesford District will come under the ARO responsibility of two different councils - Braintree and Harlow - see below. The four wards from Chelmsford will continue to come under the revised constituency of North West Essex. This has been changed under the latest Parliamentary Constituencies Boundary Review 2023.

Ward Name

Polling Districts


Broad Oak & the HallingburysABA, ABB, ABC, ABD & ABEHarlow
Hatfield HeathAKA & AKBHarlow
Felsted and StebbingAFA, AFB & AFCBraintree
The SampfordsAWB, AWC, AWD, AWA & AWA1Braintree

For the sake of this review of polling provision, the (Acting) RO will be reviewing the whole of the Uttlesford District. Comments on the suitability of existing arrangements are sought.

Have your say

Local disability groups and political stakeholders are being consulted and anyone can submit their views

  • Are you are happy with current arrangements?
  • What changes do you wish to see?
  • Will planned housing development require the polling district to be amended; or a new one created?
  • How suitable is the existing polling place/station in regard to its location, accessibility etc. Is there an alternative better facility available for hire nearby?

The consultation to submit your views will appear here on the 1 October 2023. 

The deadline for responses is Monday 13 November.

Current scheme

View the latest Council approved scheme from the last review in 2019.

Due to the availability of venues, or new more suitable buildings becoming available, there have since been a few changes. 

View the most recent scheme we are consulting on (gi.ui.mediatype.spreadsheets) [23KB]

Polling district and polling places review documents and maps

You can view our current polling district map, our polling scheme listing the current polling places and some statistics for each of the polling districts.

Review notices

  • Notice to follow shortly