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Interim Community Governance Review of Parishes 2023

A full community Governance Review took place in 2021 looking at the boundaries and governance arrangements of all parishes within Uttlesford. A number of changes took place.

This Interim Review is only to look at four parish councils and their associated boundaries.

Saffron Walden/Sewards End

A unresolved issue from that review was to re-visit the boundary between Saffron Walden and Sewards End should a site gain planning permission. A housing development site has been given approval and as a result, the Saffron Walden Town Council and the Sewards End Parish Council have jointly agreed that the current parish boundary should be redrawn so the whole development site comes under the Town Council's area.

There are no proposed changes to the membership of either parish.

Map of the site and proposed boundary change. (PDF) [1MB]

Great and Little Chesterford

The Community Governance Review of 2021 revised the parish boundary between Little and Great Chesterford to enable a 76 dwelling site to come under Great Chesterford. This Interim review is to further re-align the boundary so a 111 dwellings development also comes under Great Chesterford parish.

There are no suggested change in the membership of either parish council.

Map of the site and proposed boundary change. (PDF) [135KB]


Consultation process

This Council supports the proposed changes to the boundaries and welcomes views from any interested parties.

The consultation period closed on Monday 13 November.

Next steps

Now the consultation period has ended all representations received have been collated, investigated and are shown on the page below, these will be included in the report to Audit and Standards Committee on 28 November 2023. 

Comments received:

Saffron Walden Parish
Comment received from the Saffron Walden Town Clerk on 12 October:

As agreed at the SWTC Full Council meeting held on Monday 9 October 2023, SWTC supports the proposal to extend the Saffron Walden border. 

Sewards End Parish
Comment received from the Sewards End Parish Clerk on 10 October:

Sewards End PC support the review and support moving Rosconn Homes site out of Sewards End and into Saffron Walden Parish.  

Great and Little Chesterford Parishes
Comment received from the Parish Clerk of Great Chesterford on 16 October:

I am writing on behalf of Great Chesterford Parish Council to confirm full support for the proposed boundary change between Great and Little Chesterford.

Proposal received on 25 October from Colin Day of Great Chesterford to re-draw the proposed boundary:

Suggestion means that both sides of the river for that stretch are in Great Chesterford which seems more sensible to me rather than leave a tongue of land in Little Chesterford.


Committee Report, Audit and Standards Committee - 28 September 2023