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Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election for Essex

An election will take place on Thursday 2 May 2024 for electing a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for the Essex Police Authority Area.

Last year we held our full district and parish elections on 4 May 2023.

Casual election staff
If you are interested in assisting with this election or future polls find out more about our paid casual election staff positions, such as being a Poll Clerk or Counting Assistant.


The lead authority is Colchester City Council, they have the Police Authority Returning Officer (PARO), Pamela Donelly, who is also their Chief Executive.  The PARO will be responsible for the overall poll result and for direct liason with the candidates. All local matters will be dealt with by the Local Returning Officer. 

Further information

You can view or request further information about this poll from the following website or by calling the phone number. 

  • phone number for booklet delivery service: 0300 1311323 (available from 18 March)
  • (available from 18 March)



The local results for Uttlesford will appear here and the overall result for Essex will be declared by the PARO and will appear on Colchester City Council's website

Key dates

The election starts from 22 March with the PARO publishing the Notice of Election - see under Notices below.

Poll cards will be sent out around 27 March. If you have not had a poll card by 8 April, you may not be registered and you should contact us to check.

Postal votes will be sent out by 16 April. "Late" postal votes i.e. where the elector applies after 2 April, will be sent on 22 April. All postal votes are sent first class by Royal Mail.

Election timetable (PDF) [114KB]

Important change from 2024 - postal vote handling

A legal change has now taken place about Postal Vote Handling. Postal ballot papers must now be posted back via a Royal Mail post-box. Alternatively they can still be hand delivered back to the council offices but only during normal office hours as you will need to sign a form giving your name and address in order to validate the postal vote. You can hand deliver up to 6 i.e. 5 and your own. Likewise, you can still return up to the 6 maximum number to your polling station, but again you need to sign the postal vote handling form before you leave. Failure to complete the form unfortunately means that the postal votes are rejected.   

  • Registration to vote deadline - Tuesday 16 April (midnight). To register go online at if you receive a poll card this means you are registered.
  • Postal vote deadline - Wednesday 17 April (5pm). Apply for a postal vote online.
  • Proxy vote deadline - Wednesday 24 April (5pm). Apply for a proxy vote. This is where you appoint someone you trust to vote in accordance with your wishes at your usual polling station.  This can be anyone provided they are entitled to vote.
  • If you do not have suitable photo voter Identification like a photographic driving licence, concessionary bus pass or passport, you can Apply or a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC).
  • If you miss the proxy deadline you can apply for an emergency proxy but only on certain grounds:
    • Unforeseen Physical Incapacity (Medical Emergency)
    • Occupation, employment or service reasons or
    • Your photo ID (including a VAC) is lost, stolen or damaged beyond use
  • Lost or damaged postal votes - deadline for replacement is 5pm on polling day. You will need to contact us in advance about any possible replacements.


Polling stations

Check your allocated polling station

The station you vote at will be shown on your poll card but please note the following polling place changes:

  • Great Dunmow South East (Polling District AJB)
    Electors will now go to the Rowena Davey Day Centre on Chequers Lane instead of the United Reform Church on New Street that has now closed.
  • Hatfield Broad Oak - Bush End (Polling District ABD)
    Electors from the Bush End ward of the village will now go to the Hatfield Broad Oak Village Hall instead of at  St. John the Evangelist Church in Bush End.
  • Margaret Roding (Polling District ALE)
    Electors will go to Leaden Roding Village Hall (just for May) and not the Reid Rooms as that are not available for polling at this election.
  • Saffron Walden - Castle East (Polling District APA)
    Electors will now go to the Saffron Walden Town Hall - Assembly Hall on the first floor instead of voting at a portacabin on Homebase car park.  Please note - anyone with walking difficulties that there is a lift and disabled parking outside the main entrance.


Election notices

These will appear here as they are published

Useful links

Choose My Police and Crime Commissioner - Information from the UK Government

Guidance for Candidates and Agents at Police and Crime Commissioner elections

Register to Vote

Polling stations and polling districts