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Cost of living support

Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

Help with putting your bins out

Ask us for a free assisted waste collection if you struggle with putting your bins out.

If you can't move your bins, bags and boxes to the boundary of your property you can request a free assisted collection.

When you can apply

You can request an assisted collection if:

  • you find it difficult to move your bins, bags or boxes to the boundary of your property
  • there is no one else in the household who could help

You will need to make sure that your waste or recycling is available for us by 7am on collection days. We will collect and empty your bins, bags and boxes, then return them to where you left them.

We cannot collect from inside your property, shed or garage.


You will need to support your request with the reason why you need an assisted collection. The reason could be because:

  • there is no able bodied person living at your address
  • you are reliant on a carer, who does not live at your address
  • you have a permanent disability

You cannot request an assisted collection if:

  • there is some able such as a caretaker or warden
  • you just find it inconvenient because you have a long private driveway or there a small number of steps


You can request an assisted collection using our online form.

Apply now

After you've applied

Once you have submitted your application we may contact you to discuss your request and where we can collect from.

If your request is successful, we will add your address to our list of assisted collections. This will take a maximum of 10 working days.

Annual update

If you are approved for an assisted collection we will write to you every year to check that you still need help with your bins.