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Conservation areas

Find out about conservation areas and the permissions that you might need if you are developing a property in one.

A conservation area is an area that has been designated by us for its special and unique character, appearance and historic interest.

There are extra controls within conservation areas to help preserve and enhance their character and appearance. This means that some works that would affect the character of a building, or of the area will require conservation area consent.

Find if a building is in a conservation area

You can check if a building, group of buildings or trees is in a conservation area by searching our constraints maps (opens new window).

Works that need permission

Being located within a conservation area can affect some of your permitted development rights, such as carrying out works to trees and installing satellite dishes on your property.

You'll need to get planning permission to demolish some buildings in a conservation area.

These controls are intended to manage development and ensure that the special characteristics of the conservation area are preserved.


Some trees may already be specifically protected by tree preservation orders (TPOs) but conservation area designation gives other trees additional protection.

If you want to cut down, top or lop any but the smallest of trees in a conservation area you must notify us 6 weeks before work begins.

Find out if a tree is in a conservation area, and when you'll need to get permission to carry out any works.


There are stricter rules in conservation areas regarding the type and size of advertisements that you can put up without advertisement consent.

You'll need to show that the proposals for any advertisements in a conservation area preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the area.

Article 4 directions

Some conservation areas are also subject to Article 4 directions. These remove a wider range of permitted development rights from certain properties within the boundary.

Apply for planning permission in a conservation area

There are stricter planning controls in conservation areas than in other places, so you might need to get permission before you carry out any type of development.

Find out more about when to apply for planning permission in a conservation area

Conservation area appraisals

We have carried out appraisals of all 34 of the conservation areas in the district to help us understand their history and what makes each of them special.

See all of our conservation area appraisals 


Additional information

► You can find out more about what is a conservation area on the Historic England website

► Historic England has produced a guide looking at ways to manage change in the historic environment. This is called Valuing Places - Good Practice in Conservation Areas

Conservation area appraisals

We have a programme of conservation area appraisals in Uttlesford

Apply for planning permission in a conservation area

Find out when you'll need to get planning permission for works in a conservation area and how to apply for it