Emergency Response Plan

The council's plan outlining how we will respond in the event of an emergency.

We are designated as a Category 1 organisation by the Civil Contingencies Act. This imposes some civil protection duties upon the us in connection with emergency planning and business continuity management.

If an emergency occurs

We have a duty to cooperate with the emergency services and provide additional support when required.

The Uttlesford District Council Emergency Response Plan (PDF) [1MB] explains how we'll respond to a wide range of emergencies and major incidents.

This can include, but is not limited to:

  • major fires
  • industrial accidents
  • flooding
  • pandemics
  • major gas leaks
  • terrorism

We also have a number of other plans which we will use. These include our:

  • Local Rest Centre Plan
  • Corporate Business Continuity Plan

Other supporting plans

There are also a number of plans which cover the whole of Essex.

Combined Operating Procedures for Essex (COPE) on the Essex Resilience Forum

Multi-Agency Flood Plan (MAFP) for Essex

The Essex Recovery Guide


Additional information

Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Policy

Preparation and planning for emergencies: responsibilities of responder agencies and others - information from GOV.UK