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Cost of living support

Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

Apply to the Refugee Support Fund

Funding to help refugees with moving to a new home and buying essential items such as beds or furniture.

As part of our ongoing support to refugees in Uttlesford, we have launched the Refugee Support Fund.  

You can apply for up to £1500 per family for help with the cost of moving to a new home and the purchase of essential household items.

The grant is available to be put towards a specific need that helps refugees with a valid Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) document.


To apply for funding you must have stayed in:

  • either the Great Hallingbury Hotel
  • or, the IBIS Hotel in Uttlesford

You will also need an Indefinite Leave to Remain document.  We will need to see evidence that you have this.

Check if you can get indefinite leave to remain on GOV.UK.

You cannot apply for any items that you have already purchased.

You must wait for a formal decision and offer of funding from us before you buy anything.

What you can apply for

You can apply for up to £1500 per family.

The grant can be used to help with the cost of moving to a new home for individuals or families staying in Uttlesford in temporary or rented housing.

It can also be used to pay for essential items such as:

  • beds and bedding
  • furniture
  • white goods such as a washing machine, fridge or freezer
  • cookers, microwaves
  • cutlery, plates

You cannot apply for funding to buy a TV.

How to apply

You can apply using our online form.

Apply now

Before you start

You will need to provide some documents with your application:

  • quotes for what you want to do, if you have them
  • a breakdown of your anticipated costs

You can upload these documents as part of your application, or you can send them to us by email.

After you have applied

You'll get a confirmation email with a copy of your application form after you've applied.

We will review applications for funding every week. We will notify you of our decision within 2 weeks of receiving your application.

If we give you funding you can then buy the items that you have applied for.

We will then need to see the receipts or invoices before we give you the money.


If you need help with applying you can contact our Community Support Officer. Email