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Responsible dog ownership

It's a legal requirement that every dog owner must have their dog microchipped.

The Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 require all dogs in England to be microchipped. The microchip must carry the correct up-to-date contact information on an approved database and should include:

  • full name and address of the keeper
  • if the keeper is also the breeder
  • if the keeper is also the breeder you will need to include the breeder's licence number and council where they are registered
  • the original name (or ID number) given to the dog, and (if different) the name given to the dog by the keeper
  • contact telephone number (if any) for the keeper
  • sex of the dog
  • breed of the dog (or a description if it's a cross breed)
  • dog's colour
  • dog's date of birth (or estimate)

You must keep this information up to date, so please remember to do this when moving home or changing telephone numbers.  We regularly pick up stray dogs in the district with old details recorded on the microchip, or in some cases no details recorded at all. Without current details it can be difficult for us to reunite a lost dog with its owner. 

Any dog found with old microchip details is deemed not to be microchipped, we can serve a notice on the owner requiring these details to be updated. Failure to comply with a notice may result in a £500.00 fine.

Lost dogs 

Local authorities are responsible for stray dogs for 7 clear days, after that time the dog legally becomes the property of the local authority and can then be re homed, or disposed of, as we see fit. If an owner comes forward after 7 days they would have no claim on the dog, please check that your dog's microchip details are current, should the worst happen, and your dog becomes lost it will have a much better chance of being returned to you quickly.

Collars and leads

It is also a legal requirement for your dog to wear a collar and tag when in a public place. The tag must have your name and address on it (and a phone number if possible). If the dog gets lost this will allow a finder to contact you quickly without necessarily involving us.

When you are on or near a road, your dog needs to be under control with a collar and lead.  If you're using an extending lead, make sure that the lead is short.  The locking mechanism should be engaged so that the dog cannot run out onto the road or into gardens.  You should be aware that if a dog causes a road traffic collision you will be deemed to be liable. 

Take dog waste bags with you when taking your dog out for a walk.  You are required by law to clean up immediately after your dog and dispose of their waste responsibly. 

Nosily dogs

A noisy dog is not a happy dog.  If a neighbour's dog barks a lot please report this to us as excess noise as the council can take action to deal with noise from barking dogs. 

Further information is also available on our Noise web page.

Animal Welfare Act 2006

All dog owners have a duty of care under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.  The needs of an animal are taken to include:

  1. A suitable environment
  2. A suitable diet
  3. Being able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns
  4. Being housed with, or apart from, other animals
  5. Being protected from pain, suffering, injury or disease

Keep your dog healthy with regular feeding, fresh water, worming, grooming, vaccinations and exercise.  Make sure that your dogs living accommodation is clean, warm and dry, away from draughts and damp.  If your dog spends any time in an outdoor kennel or in a garage area, make sure that the sleeping area is at least 100 mm (4 in.) off the ground.

Do not leave your dog alone for long periods.  Dogs are pack animals and need companionship.  Perhaps a relative or friend could take your dog out for a walk or spend sometime with your dog.  

Dogs need properly controlled daily exercise with mental and physical stimulation and a chance to socialise with other dogs - a perfect time for owners to de-stress, relax and meet other dog owners.

Consider third party insurance for your dog, so that you are covered in the event of damage and other incidents