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The role of the chair

Uttlesford District Council, like all district councils, has a chair rather than a mayor. However, the role of the chair is identical to that of a mayor, in that it is a ceremonial position.

The chair's position should not be confused with that of the leader who is the political head of the council.

The chair represents the council at civic and social occasions and is the first citizen of Uttlesford.

Similarly to the speaker in the House of Commons, the chair is apolitical. This unpartisan position is particularly relevant when the chair presides over council meetings, where the duty of the chair is "to preserve order, to take care that the proceedings are conducted in a proper manner and that the sense of the meeting is properly ascertained with regard to any question that is properly before the meeting" (Chitty, High Court, 1894).

The chair does however hold a casting vote, which they may exercise in the case of a tied vote at a council meeting.

Cllr Geof Driscoll was elected as chair of the council at the Annual Council meeting on 23 May 2023. He succeeds Cllr Heather Asker.

Former chairs

You can see photographs of all the former chairs in the public gallery of the council chamber at our London Road offices in Saffron Walden.

Mrs. M. R. Davey 1973-76

Mr. F. G. Askew 1976-78

Mr. J. Hurwitz 1978-80

Mr. J. Moore 1980-82

Mr. K. L. Tivendale 1982-84

Mr. P. M. Macphail 1984-86

Mr. H. W. Pugh 1986-88

Mr. R. P. Chambers 1988-90

Mrs. D. M. Haggerwood 1990-91

Mr. D. E. Collins 1991-92

Mr. S.W. Neville1992-93 

Mr. J. A. Wright 1993-94

Mrs. J. E. Menell 1994-95

Mr. N. G. Prowse 1995-96

Mr. E. C. Abrahams 1996-97

Mr. R. D. Green 1997-98

Mr. R. B. Tyler 1998-99

Mr. R.C. Dean 1999-2000

Mr. D. M. Miller 2000-01

Mr. D. W. Gregory 2001-02

Mr. A. J. Ketteridge 2002-03

Mr. M. A. Hibbs 2003-04

Mrs. E. J. Godwin 2004-05

Mr. P. A. Wilcock 2005-06

Mr. A. R. Row 2006-07

Mrs. C. M. Dean 2007-08

Mr. M. Lemon 2008-09

Mr. A. Walters 2009-10

Mrs. S. Schneider 2010-11

Mr Derek Jones 2011-12

Mrs. Christina Cant 2012-13

Mr. Eric Hicks 2013-14

Mr. Keith Artus 2014-15

Mrs. S. Harris 2015-16

Mr. J. Davey 2016-17

Mr. G. Sell 2017-18

Mrs. L. Wells 2018-19

Dr. R. Freeman 2019-20

Mr. Martin Foley 2020-21

Mr Arthur coote 2021-22

Mrs Heather Asker 2022-23