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Planning permission

The first step is to establish if planning permission is required for the project you have in mind.

Planning maps

Due to a technical issue our planning mapping available through the application search is currently not displaying all of the information properly.

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Planning permission means asking us if you can carry out building work on your property. It will be granted (possibly subject to certain conditions) or refused. If it is refused we will let you know the reasons.

Find an existing planning application

If you have applied for planning permission you can find out about how your planning application is progressing. You can view, comment on and object to any current planning application using our Public Access system.

You can also find a decision and look up details of individual applications back to 1989 using this search.

View planning applications


Do I need planning permission?

Not all work will require planning permission. If your property is a listed building you must also apply for listed building consent. Planning permission may also be needed if your property is within a conservation area.

Find out if you need planning permission


How do I apply for planning permission?

You need to apply for planning permission through the Planning Portal or directly to the Council.

Apply online via the Planning Portal

You can apply online using the Planning Portal where you will find a number of guides to help you.

Apply for planning permission via the Planning Portal


Planning fees

When submitting a planning application the fee will depend on the type and size of application.

Find out about planning application fees

Please make fee payments via the payment page or, by calling the council's Customer Service Centre on 01799 510510. For fee advice visit the Planning Portal fee guide.

Please note, if you have submitted your application via the Planning Portal, you will need to pay the portal directly. If you pay us, the portal will not release the application to us and this may cause delays.


Find planning applications and view constraints in your area

We have a number of interactive mapping services that you can use to search for planning applications, conservation areas, listed buildings, tree preservation orders (TPOs) and other information in your area.


Additional information

Find out if you need planning permission - Planning Portal Interactive House

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