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Permitted Development

Here you can find guidance about when you will need to apply for planning permission or consent to undertake proposed development and pre-application advice.

Guidance on the rules that relate to permitted development can be found on the Planning Portal.

Developments which do not require planning permission

There are two significant categories of works which do not normally require planning permission:

1. Those which do not constitute development, e.g.

  • maintenance, improvements or alterations which affect only the interior of a building or which do not materially affect its external appearance
  • use of buildings or land within the curtilage of a dwelling house for any purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house
  • use of land for the purpose of agriculture or forestry
  • change of use of land or buildings from one use to another within the same class of the 'Use Classes Order'

2. Those where there are permitted development rights for various specified types of development, e.g.

  • certain enlargements, improvements or other alterations to a dwelling house
  • minor operations such as means of enclosure, accesses to certain highways and the external painting of a building
  • certain changes of use between classes of the 'Use Classes Order'
  • some temporary buildings and uses
  • agricultural and forestry buildings and operations within prescribed limits
  • certain extensions or alterations to an industrial building or warehouse
  • Permitted development rights are different in Conservation Areas in some respects

Developments which do require planning permission

There are a number of categories of works which normally require planning permission.

Alterations and extensions to:

  • A dormer window in the roof of your house facing the road
  • Most  two storey extensions
  • Putting up some outbuildings and structures
  • Changes in the use of land or buildings

Most alterations to businesses, including:

  • All shop and office extensions
  • Alterations to shop fronts
  • External security shutters or grilles
  • Changes in the use of land or buildings

Further information on planning permission and small businesses can be found on the Planning Portal.

Proposals affecting listed buildings and buildings within conservation areas may require consent:

  • Works to listed buildings require Listed Building Consent
  • Conservation Area Consent may be required if the property is situated within a conservation area
  • Development restricted by an Article 4 direction (this reduces your Permitted Development Rights)
  • Work on a protected tree or trees within a conservation area
  • Particular consent is also required for many advertisements


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