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Building regulations: what they are

Building regulations are compulsory safety standards for design, construction and alterations.

The building regulations exist to ensure the health and safety of people in and around all types of buildings and they provide for energy conservation, security, and access to buildings. 

The regulations contain minimum requirements A to R to which buildings in England must comply (view the requirements and our additional guidance, as well as download the Approved Document relating to each part by clicking on the relevant section below).

Regulations guides

Part A: Structure

The structural stability and safety of buildings from foundations to walls and roofs.

Part B: Fire safety

All things relating to fire safety, including means of escape, fire spread, structural fire protection and fire service access.

Part C: Resistance to contaminants & moisture

Volume 1 concerns vegetation, contaminated soil or the leakage of noxious gases and Volume 2 deals with creating a barrier against ground water and weather.

Part D: Toxic substances

Provides guidance on toxic substances in buildings.

Part E: Resistance to the passage of sound

Deals with sound insulation in buildings, dwellings and in schools.

Part F: Ventilation

Provides guidance on how to limit the amount of pollutants and moisture content in buildings.

Part G: Hygiene and water supply

Deals with sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency.

Part H: Drainage and waste disposal

Is concerned with foul water and wastewater drainage, solid waste storage and building over sewers.

Part  J: Heating appliances

Deals with the protection of fuel storage, air supply and warnings of the release of carbon dioxide.

Part K: Protection from falling

Covers falling, collision and impact.

Part L: Conservation of fuel and power

Four documents (L1A, L1B, L2A & L2B) that cover conservation of fuel and power in new and existing dwellings and other buildings.

Part M: Access to and use of buildings

Deals with the accessibility of dwellings and other buildings.

Part P: Electrical safety- Dwellings

Deals with the design and installation of electrical installations.

Part Q: Security - Dwellings

Deals with unauthorised access through doors and windows.

Part R: Physical Infrastructure for High Speed Electronic Communications Networks

Deals with in-building physical infrastructure.

Regulation 7: Materials and workmanship

Gives guidance on establishing the adequacy of materials and workmanship.

Homeowner guides

Are you a Homeowner and planning on carrying out alterations to your property, such as an extension, conversion or remodelling? Search the LABC homeowner guides to find out if you need to make a building regulations application.


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