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Local Plan timetable

What is happening now

The Local Plan Team is preparing a draft Local Plan for consultation in the autumn. This provides an opportunity for anyone interested in the Local Plan to see what is being proposed and to provide comments to help the council shape the next stage of the process.

What's next

The draft Local Plan will be published and go out for public consultation. The council will invite comments on the proposals. The consultation is expected to start in the week of 30 October.

Gathering of evidence 

The council commissions a range of detailed studies and engages with a range of key stakeholders, and considers everything a Local Plan needs, such as how many new homes and jobs are needed and what supporting infrastructure is required.  This helps to inform the draft Local Plan.

This work is ongoing.

Consultation (Regulation 18) - We are here

The draft Local Plan proposals are presented to the public for consultation. This is known as the Regulation 18 stage and it is the point at which the council invites comments on the proposals.

This is an important stage in the process as the consultation responses can help to inform the next stage of preparing the plan in 2024.

The Regulation 18 consultation is expected to start in the week of 30 October.

The council will be arranging a series of drop-in sessions so the public can discuss the plans with officers.

 Review of comments

The council reviews the comments made during the Regulation 18 consultation, updates the evidence, engages with key stakeholders again. 

After careful consideration, the council will then publish a submission version of the Local Plan.  This is known as the Regulation 19 stage.

​​​ Submission version 

The Regulation 19 draft Local Plan is published and the council will ask for representations to be submitted on it's 'soundness'.

This is expected in summer 2024, with submission of the plan, as well as the representations that are made, to the Planning Inspectorate at the end of 2024.


The Secretary of State appoints an independent Planning Inspector to examine the draft Local Plan in great detail. Public hearing sessions are held during this stage.

This is expected during 2025.

 Adoption of the Local Plan

The Planning Inspector's final report recommends whether the council can adopt the plan. Once adopted, the Local Plan will be used to make decisions on all planning applications.

This is expected in approximately spring of 2026, although the timing of the examination is in the hands of the Planning Inspector.  The average Local Plan examination is 18 months for plans with no significant issues identified.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme sets out the important dates when decisions will be made and when documents will be published for the preparation of the Local Plan.


16. Current - approved by the council's Cabinet on 20 October 2022

 Local Development Scheme (PDF) [71KB]

15. Previous - approved by the council's Cabinet  on 7 July 2022

Local Development Scheme (LDS) (PDF) [584KB] 

Local Plan Leadership Group

The Local Plan Leadership Group is a cross-party group of councillors who assist the council in the preparation of the Local Plan. The group meets to consider a wide range of technical studies and evidence, and then makes informed recommendations to Cabinet.

The most recent Local Plan update was provided to the group at a meeting on 26 July.