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The new Local Plan

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As the local planning authority, the council is responsible for developing local plans, gathering the necessary evidence, and consulting with local communities, businesses and interested parties.

The new Local Plan for Uttlesford will bring together all major planning policy for the District into a single document. It will also need to meet the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

Housing Trajectory and Five-Year Land Supply

Our housing trajectory and 5-year housing land supply calculation has now been reviewed and updated. It represents the housing land supply position as of 1 April 2022 and demonstrates that the district has 4.89 years of housing supply for the period 2022-2027.


Local Plan timetable

The Local Plan timetable has been amended with the draft Local Plan now due to be published for consultation in the Summer of 2023

Consultation and the Community Stakeholder Forum

The Forum has been established to complement and enhance the consultation process by providing a platform for discussion amongst the community

Documents which make up the Local Plan

All the documents and evidence that we need to make the Local Plan

Call for Sites and Strategic Land Availability Assessment

Uttlesford District Council has issued a call for sites as part of its work on a new Local Plan. This is where you can find the information to submit a site for consideration.

Duty to Cooperate

Notes of meetings with duty to cooperate partners.

Local Plan news

You can now sign up for Local Plan e-newsletters

What is the New Local Plan?

The Local Plan is the key document which helps us to develop the district of Uttlesford

Local Plan Leadership Group

Meetings, papers and membership of the cross-party working group on the Local Plan