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Councillors' Code of Conduct and Register of Interests

Under the Localism Act 2011, Uttlesford District Council is required to have a code of conduct, which applies to all members of the council.

All councillors must be open and transparent about their personal interests.

Register of interests

Councillors must declare certain interests when they become a councillor. These include:

  • details of the job they do and their employer
  • details of any land or house they occupy within the district
  • interests securities or businesses which operate in the district
  • other financial interests from which they get a benefit

Further information can be found in the Openness and transparency on personal interests: guidance for councillors on GOV.UK.

Find councillors registered interests

You can search for district councillor registered interests on our ModernGov website.

You can find the registered interests of any councillor by looking in the 'More information' section under their personal profile. If you do not know the name of your district councillor, you can look for them on our councillors page.

Town and parish councillor interests

We also have to publish a register of town and parish councillor interests for local councils in our district. 

You can search for town and parish councillor interests on our ModernGov website.

Each parish or town council adopts its own code of conduct, which should be available on its website.

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out standards of conduct expected of elected and co-opted members of Uttlesford District Council.

In November 2022 the we adopted a revised Code of Conduct

If you wish to complain that a district councillor has breached the Uttlesford District Council Code of Conduct, you can complain about a councillor.

If you wish to submit a complaint that a parish or town councillor has breached their council's code of conduct, you can complain about a councillor.