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Cost of living support

Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

Sanctuary Scheme

Help for victims of domestic abuse or hate crime to remain in their own home and feel safe.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse or hate crime you can apply to our Sanctuary Scheme for help with improving security so that you can stay in your home.


The scheme is open to all survivors of domestic violence, including council, housing association and private tenants but landlord consent is required.

Security measures

The Sanctuary scheme can provide additional external security measures, such as:

  • locks on windows
  • additional locks on external doors
  • replacement external doors
  • personal safety alarms
  • property marking kits

Safe room

The scheme can also create of a 'safe' room within your home.

A safe room is an appropriate room where the door has been changed for a fire rated door that is re-hung to open outwards and fitted with appropriate locks, hinge bolts, intumescent strips and a 180 degree door viewer.

In an extreme situation this 'safe' room will provide sanctuary for you while you call or wait for the police to arrive.


If you need support from the Sanctuary Scheme can be referred by one of the authorised referrers.

Contact our Housing Options Team for help and advice.

What happens next

You will be invited to an interview to discuss whether the Sanctuary Scheme is a suitable option for you. If the scheme is suitable for you, we'll complete a referral form..

A Housing Options officer will provide advice and may create a personal housing plan. The advice will include information regarding the suitability of the Sanctuary Scheme. We may also refer you to a charity called Next Chapter for support and information about alternative options if relevant.