Curtilage listing

Some buildings or structures within the grounds or 'curtilage' of a listed house will also be subject to the same laws and controls as the listed building itself.

This can include walls, outbuildings including barns or garages, and garden structures. These buildings will not be highlighted during the standard 'searches' when you buy the property, and will not usually be included in the listing description for the listed building.

In determining whether structures are curtilage listed, a number of factors will be considered. These include:

  • whether the structures were built prior to July 1948, and
  • the physical layout of the listed building and the building, and
  • their ownership past and present; and their use or function past and present specifically whether the building was ancillary (i.e. subordinate to and dependent on) the purposes of the listed building at the date of listing

Historic England have produced some guidance on Listed Buildings and Curtilage (Historic England Advice Note 10)


Additional information

► Historic England's definition of 'Curtilage'