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Guidelines for inviting the Chair to your event

If you would like to invite the Chair to your event or function, please ensure you read the guidelines below and then fully complete the online form. Invitations are dealt with on first come first served basis. Applying some months in advance is best.

Please ensure all sections of the invitation form are complete and include background information on your organisation, particularly if you wish the Chair to make a speech. Useful information could include: when your organisation was started; its aims and activities; membership; successes and achievements and anything else which is distinctive about the organisation

The Executive Support team will ascertain out if the Chair is able to accept your invitation and you will receive an acceptance e-mail. In the event that the Chair is unable to attend your event you may be asked if you would be happy for the Vice-Chair to attend in their place.

Please give thought to what you want to achieve by having the Chair at your function and what you would like the Chair to do. This may include making a presentation, making a speech or drawing a raffle etc.


On the day of your event

On the day of your event the Chair will arrive at the time you state on the invitation form. It is helpful if a parking space is reserved for the Chair. The Chair and their escort should be met on arrival, escorted to their place, and the appropriate introduction made.

The Chain of Office is worn by the Chair of the Council during their Civic Year, when representing the District Council at civic and community events

The Chair, as first citizen of the Uttlesford District, is entitled to precedence in all places and on all occasions within the District boundaries. Accordingly the Chair should be given first place at all times and, on formal occasions, should be seated on the immediate right of the person presiding.

The exception to the above is when the Lord Lieutenant or his representative attends the same function. In this instance, the Lord Lieutenant or his representative is entitled to receive first precedence.

The above notes also apply to the Vice-Chair of the Council if he/she attends on behalf of the Chair and he/she should be accorded the same precedence and courtesies.

The following may be helpful when addressing the Chair:-

  • The Civic Head of the District is known as the Chair (whether the office is held by a male or a female).
  • In direct speech it is correct to use "Mr Chair"or "Madam Chair".
  • If introducing the Civic Head, it should be as "The Chair of Uttlesford District Council, Councillor..........."



The press will not automatically attend an event at which the Chair is present. If you would like the press to cover your event, you should contact them direct.



Please note that the Chair is attending your event as the representative of Uttlesford District Council and cannot accept personal gifts.