Taxi standards and complaints

How to complain about a taxi.

If you are unhappy with your hackney carriage or private hire car journey you may want to submit a complaint to us as the licensing authority.

Unfortunately, we may not be able to help in all circumstances because not all matters for complaint are breaches of licence conditions. Many licensed vehicles work through operating companies and some complaints like poor punctuality should be made directly to the operating company.

If the bad behaviour amounts to a criminal act then you should report it to the police immediately. Similarly, the police should be informed about poor driving or traffic offences that may occur during your taxi journey. In an emergency you should call 999.

Complaints to Uttlesford District Council as the licensing authority

When considering a complaint you should be aware of the following standards of conduct expected from both drivers and passengers.

A passenger in a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle can expect:

  • That the vehicle will be clean, inside and out
  • That the driver will be clean, courteous and helpful
  • That the driver will not smoke or use his mobile phone whilst you are in the car
  • That you will be taken to your destination by the most direct route
  • That you will be driven safely and in accordance with the law

Passengers must be aware that they too are expected to comply with expected standards.

The driver of a hackney carriage of private hire vehicle can expect that passengers:

  • Will be courteous
  • Will not damage the vehicle
  • Will wear a seat belt and ensure that any children with them also wear seat belts
  • Will comply with the reasonable requests of the driver, particularly where they relate to the safety of the passenger
  • Will pay the metered fare at the end of the journey
  • Will not leave any property in the vehicle

Making a complaint

You can make a complaint if you encounter a problem relating to any of the following:

  • Safety
  • A driver's behaviour
  • If you believe a vehicle is not licensed

Make a complaint

If you are  making a complaint, it is helpful if you can tell us:

  •  The vehicle registration number of the taxi or private hire vehicle (shown on the number plate)
  •  The taxi or private hire vehicle licence number (shown on the Council licence plate)
  •  The driver's badge number (normally shown on their badge)
  •  The taxi/private hire vehicle operating firm name (if applicable)