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Subject Access Request

What a Subject Access Request is, how to make a request for information and what we will do.

If you wish to make a Subject Access Request (SAR) to Uttlesford District Council you should read this guidance note and then complete the Subject Access Request form.

What you need to do

When making the subject access request you should:

  • make the request in writing unless to do so is impossible or unreasonably difficult for you
  • supply the information to prove who you are (to eliminate risk of unauthorised disclosure)
  • provide as much detail as possible regarding the information you wish to access (e.g. where and by whom information is believed to be held, specific details of information required)

You must provide one proof of identity document (e.g. current full or provisional driving licence, passport, birth certificate) and one recent document with proof of address (utility bill, council tax bill, bank statement, P45/ P60).

This list is not exhaustive and other forms of identification may be acceptable. At least one form of identification should contain the same signature that is on your application form or letter and one with a photograph. Please ensure that the council will not be able to comply with any requests received unless satisfactory proof of identification is provided.

You can bring your original documents into our Customer Service Centre at our offices in Saffron Walden during our normal opening hours. All documentation sighted for the purposes of this subject access request will be returned to you once your identity has been sufficiently confirmed.

If you would prefer to send us copies of your documentation, please provide us with certified copies. A professional person or someone well respected within your community, such as a solicitor, social worker, doctor, teacher or police officer, (they must not be related to you or your partner), can certify documents by doing all the following on each copy of the documents to be certified:

  1. writing "certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me" on the document;
  2. signing and dating with their name printed underneath the signature;
  3. adding their occupation, address and telephone number.

Any true copies of documents, once sighted for the purposes of this subject access request, and after your identity has been sufficiently confirmed will be returned to you unless you do not wish these to be returned, in which case they will be disposed of securely through the council's confidential waste process.

Once the council receives a subject access request, all efforts will be made to fully comply within one month. In any event you will receive all the information that has been located and can be released within one month and an explanation for any information that cannot be provided at that time.

Make a Subject Access Request

To make a request you will need to complete our Subject Access Request (SAR) form.

You should only use this form  to make a request for personal information about yourself, or another person if they have given their consent. This is called a subject access request.

This form should not be used to enquire about applying for housing or any other council services.

Make a SAR


Upon receipt of a request we must provide:

  • information on whether or not the personal data is processed (processed means collecting, transmitting storing, accessing or deleting personal data)
  • a description of the data, purposes and who was given that data
  • a copy of the data and, if necessary, an explanation of any codes/ jargon contained within the data

Correcting information

If after receiving the information you have requested you believe that:

  • the information is inaccurate or out of date;
  • we should no longer be holding that information
  • we are using your information for a purpose of which you were unaware;
  • we may have passed inaccurate information about you to someone else:

Then you should notify our Data Protection Officer at once.

Data Protection Officer
Uttlesford District Council
London Road
Saffron Walden CB11 4ER

Telephone: 01799510510