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Hare coursing - what should you do?

What to do and who to contact if suspect someone is hare coursing.

Here is what we recommend that you do if you suspect that someone is involved in hare coursing or your see suspicious activity on your land.

Call the police

Inform them of your suspicions. Give and accurate location, you can use What3Words for describing the location as the police officers attending may not be familiar with your land.

How to contact Essex Police

Get vehicle details

Note the make, model and colour of all vehicles involved. If you can take details of the number plates without approaching them, do so.


How many persons are there in a vehicle and how many dogs. Try and note and distinctive features of those involved. If you can, safely photograph them, do so.

Note their actions

What are they doing that shows they are coursing? For example, are the dogs running and turning together?


Inform the police of any damage such a damage to an access gate or to crops.

Give a statement to the police

Be prepared to support a prosecution by cooperating with the police investigation and keep any notes.