Community Safety Partnership

Uttlesford District Council is a partner within the Community Safety Partnership (CSP).


Essex Community Watch magazineEssex Community Watch magazine
Essex Community Watch magazine aims to help local people to better protect themselves against crime. In the latest issue there is advice for the Asian community on how to keep gold jewellery safe, information on trading standards and a special feature on staying safe when the weather gets hotter.


CSP logoThe Crime and Disorder Act 1998, as amended by the Police Reform Act 2002, sets out the statutory requirements for responsible authorities to work together with other local agencies, organisations and people, to develop and implement strategies to tackle crime and disorder, help create safer communities and tackle misuse of drugs in their area. These statutory partnerships are known as Community Safety Partnerships (CSP).

Within Uttlesford the partnership is made up of a number of local organisations including Uttlesford District Council, Essex Police, Essex County Council, NHS West Essex, Essex Probation, Essex Fire and Rescue Service and voluntary organisations including Council For Voluntary Services Uttlesford and Victim Support.

All of these partners are working towards the following key priorities in line with the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex.

Uttlesford Strategic Assessment 2019-20

The Icon for pdf Uttlesford Strategic Assessment 2019-20 [1.48MB] assists the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) in understanding crime, disorder, Anti-Social Behaviour and community safety issues affecting the district, and will enable us to identify and determine the strategic priorities for the coming 12 months.

Uttlesford CSP Priorities 2021-21

1. To protect vulnerable people

  • Raising awareness of emerging issues such as domestic abuse & hate crime
  • The prevention of the exploitation of vulnerable people
  • Promote the safety of, and support vulnerable people within the community 

2. To reduce crime, re-offending and the fear of crime

  • Working in collaboration to address crime across the district engaging with local communities                                
  • The partnership will work together alongside the Integrated Offender Management Scheme to effectively reduce re-offending amongst priority perpetrators, and to encourage behaviour change

3. To continue effective partnership working, to meet emerging local threats and issues

  • This priority will focus on positive partnership working while engaging, listening to and responding to the needs of all local communities
  • Delivery of preventative and educational activities to meet localised issues

This plan supports the Police and Crime Plan 2016-2020 which sets out the policing priorities and aims for keeping Essex safe.

CSP in partnership

Uttlesford District Council
Essex Police
Essex County Council
NHS West Essex
Essex Probation
Essex Fire and Rescue Service  Council For Voluntary Services Uttlesford
Victim Support

District crime statistics - September 2021

The District Commander for Essex Police provides some statistics for the area and shows how the Police have responded to public concerns.

District Crime Infographic thumbnail
Open infographic for more information


Projects and resources

Neighbourhood Watch logoUttlesford Neighbourhood Watch

Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch (UNW) works to help reduce crime and its effects in the District. We help the many local town and village Neighbourhood Watch groups to share ideas, purchase crime reduction products and leaflets. We also liaise with a wide range of other organisations including the Essex Neighbourhood Watch Association and Essex Police.

Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch


Essex Police Active Citizens logoActive Citizens

Active Citizens are volunteers in the community who help us to lower crime and the fear of crime by interacting with the public. They can get involved in a wide range of work to assist Essex Police by helping us run community days of action; patrolling with local police officers and Police Community Support Officers; providing reassurance and crime prevention advice; assisting with some administration tasks

Active Citizens

Keep Safe LogoKeep Safe

Organised by the Uttlesford Community Safety Partnership (CSP), the scheme currently operates in Great Dunmow and Saffron Walden, and has the dedicated support of local traders and businesses that act as Keep Safe venues. These create a network of safe places for people to go if they need help while in town.

Keep Safe


Restorative Justice and MediationRestorative Justice: Working to find solutions

The Essex Restorative and Mediation Service holds offenders to account and helps them take responsibility for the harm they have caused. Both parties discuss next steps and the perpetrators can then make amends. Victims are given the chance to explain the impact the crime or conflict has had on them, ask questions of the perpetrator and seek an apology.

Restorative Justice


Essex Effective Support Portal logo featuring a fan with four segments, Universal, Additional, Intensive, SpecialistEssex Effective Support Portal

The Effective Support portal provides information and links to Early Help (Additional and Intensive) and Specialist services in Essex. It explains how services are provided and how support is made available at each level of need for children and young people and their families.

Essex Effective Support Portal


Victim Support logo Victim Support

If you've been affected by crime, we can give you the support you need to move forward. Our services are free, confidential and available to anyone in England and Wales, regardless of whether the crime has been reported or how long ago it happened. Choose from a number of ways to contact us.

Victim support


Crimestoppers logo featuring telephone numberCrimestoppers

Keep up to date with the latest news from Crimestoppers - the independent charity working to fight and solve crimes. Crimestoppers sends out regular email newsletters and you can subscribe now. 

Sign up for emails 


Let's Talk About It iconPrevent counter-terrorism strategy

The Prevent counter-terrorism strategy is part of the national counter-terrorism initiative. By adopting a multi-agency approach to protecting and supporting people at risk from radicalisation Uttlesford District Council aims to safeguard children and adults from being drawn into terrorist-related activity and promote community relations. 

Prevent counter-terrorism strategy


SETDAB logoDomestic abuse

The Uttlesford CSP wants to encourage more victims of domestic abuse to report incidents, so victims can be supported and the number of repeat victims reduced. The CSP is responsible for undertaking Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) where the death of a person aged 16 or over has, or appears to have, resulted from violence, abuse or neglect by a relative, household member or someone they had been in an intimate relationship with.

DHR Overview Reports from other parts of Essex, along with the Uttlesford Overview Reports, are published on the Southend, Essex and Thurrock Domestic Abuse Board (SETDAB) website.

DHR Overview Reports



Additional information

PFCC Police and Crime Plan

Sources of Crime Prevention Advice on the Internet - Where can I find crime prevention advice myself and how can I ensure that a trader is reliable?


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Angi Greneski
Community Safety Officer
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