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Guidance notes for new and renewal applicants - taxi and private hire


To submit a valid joint Private Hire Hackney Carriage Driver application at new or renewal you will need to complete the following two stage process:

  1. Submission - send one email and attach up to 5 documents. To be licenced you must include your own email address.
  2. What you also then need to do - you will need to carry out some further actions, if necessary:
  • Pay and upload your details to our DBS system
  • Pay the appropriate fee for either new applicant or renewal
  • Book an appointment to meet us (this may not be necessary at renewal) for further checks


We will no longer accept paper applications and need the email address of each driver to licence them.

Uttlesford are introducing a course for Taxi and PHV drivers. We must have pass certificates from Monday, 12 July for all new applications. From the 2 August we must have pass certificates for all renewal applications.

The Uttlesford course provider is Green Penny.

Key dates

Now - Website Live with over 200+ courses at Chesterford and Takeley

June 8 - Courses start

From Monday July 12 - we will not accept new applications without having passed this course

From Monday 2 August - we will not accept renewal applications without having passed this course

You will need to submit up to 5 of the following completed scanned forms:

  • for new applications: Forms A & B & C & D & F  and, if applicable, E & G
  • for renewals: A (form) & B (medical) & C (photo) & D and, if applicable, E & validate your Driving Licence

These must be included on one email and sent to


A. Completed application/renewal form

B. Medical certificate

C. Passport photograph

D. From above dates - pass certificate for the Uttlesford initial course for PHV and Hackney carriage drivers available on Green Penny

E From above dates - Geographical Knowledge Test and Course test available on Green Penny

Please note this is only necessary if you wish to drive Hackney carriages and you are seeking to drive both PHV and Hackney Carriages.

F. Driver proficiency Test Certificate

Please note this is not needed for renewal applications.

G. Certificate of Good Conduct

Please note this is not needed for renewal applications. Certificate of Good Conduct must be issued by the appropriate Embassy or High Commission. It will be only needed if you have been a resident outside the UK for more than 12 months (continuous or in total) or more in the last 10 years abroad whilst being over the age of 18.

What you also then need to do

1. Validate an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check

You will need to produce either a valid Enhanced DBS or access to the update service to council staff.

If you do not have a valid Enhanced DBS you will need to apply for one. You can apply by using the Mayflower online disclosures site.

Using the Mayflower online disclosures site

Enter: UDCLICENSING in both the 'Organisation Reference' and 'Organisation Code' fields. Click the 'Enter' button and then enter your details

2. Payment

You will now need to pay for your new or renewal driver licence (opens new window).

More information on Licensing fees and charges.

3. Book an appointment to meet us

Please email: to book an appointment.

What we will then do

Here is what we will then do:

For new and renewal applications we will complete your DVLA Driving licence check through the Driver Check service.

To enable this to be done you will be sent several emails that you must respond to.  For further information please see the licence checking guidelines on Driver Check.

You must:

  • accept or decline the invite to meet you If a meeting is accepted.

At the meeting we will:

  • either examine your current DBS certificate (if issued within a month) or examine the documents required to apply for your DBS certificate
  • if we conduct a DBS check - collect further payment of £50.07 for the cost of processing
  • if you have a valid clean DBS certificate and all other process points are valid, we may be able to issue your badge at that meeting.
  • check your right to work documents that you must bring in with you
  • confirm that the Driver Check is valid and in line with our

Action For you after the meeting

After the meeting your DBS will be sent directly to your home address. We will contact you if we need to examine it. If we do please post it or hand it to:

Licensing Team Council Offices London Road Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4ER

You must now sign up to the DBS Update service on GOV.UK within 28 days of your DBS being issued. Please use your DBS application reference number.

We will check to ensure you have signed up before issuing a licence. It is your responsibility to keep it updated. If you fail to do so it may mean you could be suspended until a new DBS is issued.

Action for us once we receive your Enhanced DBS Certificate

We will review your DBS and inform you of any further action.

If it is valid, we will invite you (or your operator) to attend the offices to collect your badge and return your DBS in the post.


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