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Parking permits - frequently asked questions

Here we answer some of the commonly asked questions about parking permits.


- Renewing your resident permit
- Where can I park with my permit?
- Use of your permit
- How do I display my permit?
- What happens if my permit is lost, damaged or destroyed?
- What if I change my vehicle?
- What if I am getting a courtesy car because my own vehicle is going to be repaired?
- How do I renew my permit?
- Motorcycles
- What happens if I change my address?
- How is the scheme enforced?


Renewing your resident permit

You can renew your resident permit through the MiPermit system. Firstly complete the quick online registration to create your account at then follow the three steps below.

When the initial registration is complete you will be sent a PIN. Please keep this safe to use when logging in to your MiPermit account to manage your purchases and update your details.

  1. Enter your login details and select the 'virtual permits' option followed by 'resident permits'
  2. Complete the form, including entering the web code shown on the renewal notice and some basic information which will validate the code
  3. Enter the additional information requested on the following screens to confirm your address, vehicle registration and secure payment details

Where can I park with my permit?

Your permit entitles you to park in any available space for permit holders within the zone for which the permit is issued. A permit does not entitle the holder to park where there are waiting restrictions (single/double yellow line/s) or to exceed time limits. Permit holders are expected to use consideration when parking, and to not block access ways, etc. Permit holders, who consistently park without due consideration for others may have their permit withdrawn. The issue of a permit does not carry with it any guarantee that a parking space will always be available.

Use of your permit

The permit is only valid when:

  • The expiry date has not passed.
  • The original permit is on display within the vehicle. A photocopy of the permit is not acceptable.
  • The permit is displayed within the vehicle for which it was issued.
  • The particulars on the permit are clearly visible, legible, and have not been defaced in any way.
  • The particulars on the original application form are still applicable.

How do I display my permit?

When you receive your permit a complimentary holder will be enclosed with it. The permit must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle at all times when a restriction applies. If you park without displaying a valid parking permit, you may incur a penalty charge notice.

What happens if my permit is lost, damaged or destroyed?

The permit holder should apply for a replacement. A fee to cover administration costs will be charged at £5.00 for a lost permit. Damaged/destroyed permits must be surrendered to the Parking Partnership in order to obtain a replacement free of charge.

What if I change my vehicle?

Your permit shows the vehicle registration number. If you change your vehicle you should telephone the Parking Partnership on (01206) 282316 with your new vehicle details. We will issue a temporary permit to cover the new vehicle, while you return your current permit to us for amendment, and send us proof of ownership of the vehicle, either a copy of your registration document (logbook) or insurance document (must show your current address details). You will receive you permanent permit in the post.

A new permit cannot be issued until the old one has been returned.

What if I am getting a courtesy car because my own vehicle is going to be repaired?

Please telephone the Parking Partnership immediately on 01206 282316 for advice.

How do I renew my permit?

A renewal notice will be sent to you approximately three weeks before your current permit runs out. Please pay this as soon as possible so that we can send your new permit in good time.


Motorcycles parked within a resident permit holder only zone/bay are exempt from the requirement of displaying a valid resident/visitor permit. When parking their motorcycle the resident/visitor is asked to do so in a manner which takes up as little space as possible.

What happens if I change my address?

You must return the permit to us immediately with your new address details, so we can refund any unexpired complete months. The permit is non-transferable (it cannot be transferred to the new owner/tenant of the property). It is an offence to use the permit if you do not live in the area.

How is the scheme enforced?

The parking regulations are enforced strictly. If a civil enforcement officer comes across a vehicle in a permit parking area not displaying a valid parking permit, a penalty charge notice will be issued and the registered owner/keeper of the vehicle would be held liable to pay the penalty charge.


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