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Cost of living support

Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

Flexible working and holidays

Most of our roles allow for flexibility over the working day so you can fit in with your childcare or other commitments. We also have a generous holiday scheme that allows you to take more time off if you have worked for us for over five years.

Most of our roles allow for flexibility over the working day. You are able to start and finish your day to suit your needs, as long as you also meet the needs of the service that you are working for.

Your annual leave entitlement will vary according to your spinal column point (SCP) and how long you have worked for us.

The following table below shows how much holiday full-time employees are entitled to. It also shows separately the two extra statutory days (in hours). 


Basic Annual Entitlement if you have less than 5 years continuous local government service

After 5 years Continuous Service local government service

Grade 3- 6

170.5 hours + 15 hours

192.5 hours + 15 hours

Grade 7

177.5 hours + 15 hours

200 hours + 15 hours

Grade 8 - 11

192.5 hours + 15 hours

207.5 hours + 15 hours

Grade 12-15

207.5 hours + 15 hours

229.5 hours + 15 hours