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Garage conditions of hire

An explanation of what you can and cannot do when you rent a garage from us.

The garage is let to the tenant subject to compliance with the following conditions:-

1. The tenancy shall be a weekly one and may be terminated by 2 weeks notice in writing by the tenant to expire before midday on a Monday.

2. The rent is charged on Monday of each week. However if you are not a current named tenant of a council dwelling you will be liable to pay Value Added Tax (at the current rate). See the current weekly rents for a council garage.

3. Payment is required by monthly Direct Debit due on 1st, 8th, 15th or 23rd of the month.

4. Should the tenant cause damage to the garage or footpaths, fences, fixtures, fittings or any other part of the premises or allow such damage through negligence, repairs will be carried out by the council and the cost charged to the tenant. The tenant shall take all reasonable precautions for the prevention of damage by fire.

5. The tenant shall give access to the council's employees, agents and contractors at all reasonable times to enter upon the premises to examine the condition thereof or to carry out necessary repairs and maintenance.

6. The tenant shall use the premises as a personal garage only and not for trade, business or any other commercial purpose whatsoever without the councils previous consent in writing.

7. Tenants are not permitted to carry out in the garage, repairs, adjustments, alterations or any work on any motor vehicle other than their own vehicle.

8. The council does not recommend that the premises are used for storage other than motor vehicles, however, items can be stored at the tenants own risk but the council will not be held liable for any damage, loss or theft from the garage and will not consider any claims for compensation.

9. No alterations or additions to the garage or fittings or the like shall be carried out by the tenant unless the written consent by the council has been obtained.

10. No petrol or inflammable spirit shall be stored or kept upon the premises other than that contained in the fixed fuel tank of the vehicle(s).

11. The tenant is liable to be given Notice To Quit if he/she fails to observe any of these conditions or misuses or improperly occupies the garage or if he/she causes any nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to other tenants or used the garage for human habitation or activities normally associated with human habitation.

12. The tenant shall not assign or sub-let the garage or any part of it.

13. If you are a current council tenant of a dwelling or garage that is currently in arrears, you will not be considered for a new garage tenancy until such time that any current arrears are cleared.

14. The entry into possession of a garage by a tenant shall be conclusive evidence against such Tenant of concurrence in and acceptance of all the foregoing conditions and on his or her agreement to be bound thereby.

15. The decision of the council upon any question, matter or dispute arising out of these conditions shall be final and binding to the tenant.

As these conditions are made for the benefit of all tenants, they are earnestly requested to see that they are complied with in all aspects.

All enquiries or correspondence regarding garage tenancies should be made to:

Uttlesford District Council
Housing and Environmental Services
Council Offices
London Road
Saffron Walden
CB11 4ER

Telephone: 01799 510510


You can also get in touch with us using alternative methods via our contact us page.