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Partnership funds new speed camera to tackle road safety issues

Uttlesford Community Safety Partnership has funded a state-of-the-art speed camera as part of its aim in assisting to reduce casualties on our roads.

The TruCAM speed recording camera will be used by the Uttlesford Community Policing Team in priority locations where communities have raised growing concerns about road safety in their towns and villages.

Police Community Support Officers and Special Constables have been given training in how to use the hand-held device, which captures video evidence and uses high resolution images to instantly identify speeding drivers.

Vehicle details can be uploaded electronically and tickets are posted straight to the offending motorists - removing the need for police officers to pull over a vehicle and issue an on-the-spot fine.

Cllr Maggie Sutton, Chair-elect of the Community Safety Partnership, said: "Residents have continuously raised the issue of poor driving, with speed and anti-social use of the roads being a main priority.

"We are therefore delighted to have been able to fund this new TruCAM speed device - by equipping our local policing team with the right tools, we will be providing a better level of service to the wider community. The device is simple to use, gives local officers more flexibility, and helps in reducing the number and severity of collisions on our roads.

"As a partnership, we are always looking at finding long-term solutions to make our roads safer and the use of this camera will assist in this goal."

Improving road safety is a key priority for the Community Safety Partnership. The purchase of the new TruCAM is part of its commitment to supporting the Safer Essex Roads Partnership's 'Vision Zero' campaign to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on Essex roads by 2040.

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13 June 2023