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Ukraine Integration and Support Fund guidance

Guidance and criteria for the Ukraine Integration and Support Fund.

As part of our ongoing support to all of our Ukraine guests, we have launched the Ukraine Integration and Support Fund.

What is the aim of this funding

Up to £500 per person (or £1500 per person for moving/relocation costs) is available to be put towards a specific need that helps Ukrainian individuals to live more independently and become more connected with their local communities.

The grant can also be used for one-off payments to cover unexpected costs such as replacing a broken fridge or washing machine. This includes essential items at the current host's address.

Who can apply

In order to be eligible for consideration, applicants must comply with all the following criteria:

  1.  Individuals applying for funding must be a Ukrainian on the Homes for Ukraine Scheme whose host lived in the Uttlesford district upon the guest's arrival into to the UK. Or a current host with a Ukrainian guest living with them.
  2. The purpose of the funding must be able to support at least one of our funding themes.
  3. Item(s)/services cannot be applied for retrospectively (applicants must wait for a formal decision and offer of their award before making a purchase).

What you can apply for

Funding themes

Ukrainian individuals or their hosts can apply for funds to support their independence and supports them to adjust to life in the UK under the themes below:

Employment education or training

The grant can be used to learn new skills, attend training and events such as job fairs to support you into employment.

Removing the language barriers

The grant can be used for activities and training that support integration and improve language skills to help you adapt.

Access to transport

Help towards transport including public transport / taxi costs, buying a vehicle or bicycle and support to obtain a driving licence. 

The grant aims to assist with travel expenses for one time trips, one-off expenses or short term travel solutions. 

School transport - We are unable to pay for school transport unless you have submitted an appeal with Essex County Council and are waiting for a formal decision.

Car or vehicle

Please note- We are unable to fund fuel or maintenance costs as these are ongoing expenses.

If you are applying for support towards driving or motorcycle lessons you will need to provide evidence of the following;

•    How this will help with either yours or your family's education, training or employment 
•    That you have the funds for additional lessons and test if needed
•    That you have or will have access to an insured road safe vehicle

Supporting children and young people to adjust to life in the UK

The grant can be used for, the purchase of essential equipment or uniform and enrichment activities including after school clubs, school trips, sports and holiday clubs.

Relocation/home essentials

The grant can be used to support relocation costs and the purchase of essential items.

* This is limited to £1500 per household

Support officer

In recognition that some individuals may not be used to submitting bids for funding there is support available.

All applicants will be able to email any clarification questions prior to the submission of their bid irrespective of whether they request more in-depth support. These should be emailed to