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Cost of living support

Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

Apply to the Ukraine Integration and Support Fund

Apply for funding to help Ukrainian guests to live more independently and become more connected with their local communities.

You can apply for up to £500 per person (or £1500 per person for moving/relocation costs) to put towards a specific need that helps Ukrainian individuals to live more independently and become more connected with their local communities.

The grant can also be used for one-off payments to cover unexpected costs such as replacing a broken fridge or washing machine. This includes essential items at the current host's address.

The fund may be closed or changed depending upon local needs or priorities.


You must be a:

  • Ukrainian on the Homes for Ukraine Scheme whose host lived in the Uttlesford district upon your arrival into to the UK
  • current host with a Ukrainian guest living with you

What you can apply for

The funding must be used to support at least one of our funding themes. The themes are described in our Ukraine Integration and Support Fund guidance

Funding for goods or services cannot be applied for retrospectively.

 Увага Фінансування на придбання речей та послуг не надается ретроспективно .

You must must wait for a formal decision from us and an offer of funding before making any purchases.

How to apply

You can apply using our online form.

Apply now

Before you start

You will need to provide some documents with your application:

  • quotes for what you want to do
  • a breakdown of anticipated costs
  • details of services and retailers that you are planning to use 

You can upload these documents as part of your application, or you can send them to us by email.

To receive the funding you will also need to send us any receipts or invoices.

After you have applied

You'll get a confirmation email with a copy of your application form after you've applied.

We will review applications for funding every week and will notify you of our decision within 2 weeks of your application.


If you need help you can email