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School Engagement & Education

School Engagement

School Engagement & Education aims to raise awareness and reduce levels of air pollution among students, staff and parents. Young people and their developing lungs are particularly vulnerable to air pollution.

Pollution levels will be lowered through idling action events that ask drivers to switch off their engines while waiting outside of schools. The aims of this project will be delivered through:

  • Three in-person assemblies in each school
  • Pop-up events with parents at the start and end of the school day
  • Air Aware monitoring initiative
  • Creating sustainable travel plans for each school
  • School travel surveys

How to get involved:

  • Walk, cycle, car share, park and stride, or take public transport to school. Cars are the biggest concern when it comes to air pollution in schools, so leaving the car at home when travelling to school is the greatest way to have a positive impact.
  • If you do have to drive to school, switch off your engine while stationary. Stopping idling saves fuel and money and reduces emissions both in and outside the car.
  • Receive an Air Aware air quality monitor from school for a week, and complete diary entries describing your findings.

Air Aware Diary quote:

"When we were on quieter roads the air pollution was lower. On busier roads it was higher. We noticed that when cars were in traffic with engines running the pollution was higher than when they were driving."

Year 6 student, St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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