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Building Public Awareness

Public Awareness

Building Public Awareness supports the entire Clean Air project and is focused on building public awareness of unfortunately invisible air pollution. We believe that information is key to inspiring action against air pollution.


We plan to include a number of activities such as:

  • In person events across Saffron Walden town centre
  • Written and digital messaging shared through newspapers, leaflets, social media and banners.
  • Building a community walking and cycling map that highlights alternative, low pollution routes through Saffron Walden and the surrounding areas.
  • Measuring changes in perceptions of air pollution through town-wide surveys.
  • Advertising the Council's sustainable transport initiatives:
    • Electric car club
    • Community e-cargo bike
    • E-bike hire
    • Traffic management strategy
    • Town centre parking and servicing strategy
    • HGV routing and access
    • Car free market place

How to get involved:

Send your sustainable transport experiences, favourite walking & cycling routes and photos to to be included in the project's media content.

Contact to sign up to use a community e-cargo bike, borrow a e-bike or claim free driving credit with an electric car club