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Wood burning education

Wood burning

Wood burning
Shining a light on the uncomfortable truth about wood burning  

We all want to stay warm this winter, and you may be tempted to burn wood in the belief that it could help ease pressures on household finances or be more environmentally friendly. But there is an uncomfortable truth we all need to know about burning wood.


How does wood burning affect you?

New evidence has uncovered that wood burning actually hurts your health, wallet and the planet.

Harms your wallet: Wood burning is almost always more expensive than other forms of heating.

Harms your health: Lighting fires in our homes is the largest source of harmful small particle air pollution in the UK. 

Harms the planet : Wood burning creates more harmful CO2 emissions compared to other forms of heating and we cannot reproduce trees fast enough to offset the CO2 emitted by burning wood.

Clean Air Night 2024

Uttlesford District Council is supporting the UK's first Clean Air Night on Wednesday 24 January 2024, when experts will come together to shine a light on the myths of wood burning. 

Look out for information about wood burning around Saffron Walden or check out the Clean Air Hub to learn the truth about wood burning and help protect yourself, your family and your community by sharing what you've learned. 

This Clean Air Night, learn the truth about wood burning: it hurts your health, wallet and the planet.  

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