Council Tax discount

Did you know you can now manage your Council Tax online?

Managing your Council Tax online using a hand held digital device


Manage your Council Tax online

Set up a Direct Debit, check your account, tell us about any changes and register for paperless billing using our Northgate Council Tax portal.

You do not need to register to use some of these services. However if you would like to view your Council Tax account details, you will need to create a login for the portal.

We have published some guidance on how to use this service.


Single person discount

A standard Council Tax bill is based on an assumption that there are two adults living in a household. If only one adult lives in a property, the bill is reduced by 25 per cent.

Apply for a single person discount

When looking at the number of adults living in a property, certain people are not counted (disregarded). If people in a property are disregarded, a 25 per cent or even a 50 per cent discount can be granted even if more than one person lives there.

Please note: Council Tax discount is not the same as Council Tax benefit (now replaced by Local Council Tax Support).

If you wish to apply for help paying your Council Tax go to the Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) webpage.

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Council Tax Discounts - how do I know if I qualify? ►

Some properties may be exempt from council tax, qualify for a discount or may require, under certain circumstances, the payment of a higher rate of Council Tax. With effect from the 1st April 2013 three new Local Authority set discounts and one premium were introduced by the Local Government Finance Act 2012.

Properties exempt from council tax ►

Council Tax Discounts and Premiums relating to the property ►


Telling us about changes

If a discount is granted it will last for as long as you qualify. If anything changes you must contact us within 21 days so that your charges can be recalculated.

Report a change of circumstances

It is an offence for residents to fail to inform the Council Tax team of a change that affects your Council Tax liability.

Council Tax and Housing Benefit Penalty Notices