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Cost of living support

Advice and support to help manage the rising cost of living.

ECO4 FLEX scheme

Make your home cheaper, warmer and greener through funded energy-saving improvements.

If you are living in fuel poverty or on a low income and vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home you may be able to get help with making energy-saving improvements to your home.

Any improvements can help you to keep you warmer while saving you money on your energy bills and reducing carbon emissions.

The scheme can help with installing improvements such as:

  • heat pumps
  • insulation for walls, lofts and floors
  • new heating systems or repairs to existing heating
  • draughtproofing
  • solar energy installations

Energy performance

You can only apply if your property has an energy performance certificate rating (EPC) of:

  • D, E, F or G if it is an owner occupied home
  • E, F or G if it is a privately rented home

Find information on energy certificates on GOV.UK.


You may be able to get help from the ECO4 FLEX scheme if you're on a low income or are vulnerable to living in a cold home.

Household income

You will be eligible if you have a gross household income of less than £31,000 a year.

Other criteria

You may be eligible if you, or someone in your home:

  • are receiving a Council Tax reduction (based on low income only)
  • are considered vulnerable to living in a cold home as identified in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance. This includes:
    • people with cardiovascular conditions
    • people with respiratory conditions (in particular, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and childhood asthma)
    • people with mental health conditions
    • people with disabilities
    • older people (65 and older)
    • households with young children (from new-born to school age)
    • pregnant women
  • are receiving free school meals due to low-income
  • have been referred to us by your energy supplier or Citizen's Advice because you are struggling to pay their electricity and gas bills

You will need to meet at least 2 of these criteria to be eligible.

Medical referrals

You may also be considered eligible for the scheme if you are referred to us by a doctor or GP who has identified you as being:

  • on low-income
  • vulnerable with a health condition that may be impacted further by living in a cold home

How to apply

There are a number of different ways to apply to the scheme.

You cannot apply directly to us. We'll only accept applications from your chosen installer if they been approved by the council or Ofgem.

Apply through your existing energy supplier

Contact your current energy supplier who may be able to refer you.

Alternatively you can contact any obligated supplier. Find obligated suppliers on the Ofgem website.

Apply through our dedicated installer

We are working with a company called RMS energy.


Apply through a third party company

You can use any other company to apply to the scheme but they must be a TrustMark registered businesses or or equivalent.

If a company approaches you and claims to be an installer, always ask to see their credentials.

Get referred

Citizen's Advice, GPs and NHS professional healthcare workers can identify and refer households to us.

They will send us a letter confirming that you have been identified as struggling to pay your energy bills or that you are considered vulnerable to living in a cold home as described in the NICE guidance.


Ofgem has provided answers to some common questions about the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme.

Contact us

You can contact our Climate Change Team for help and advice.


Telephone: 01799 510510

After you've applied

If you are referred to us it does not mean that you will automatically get help with making energy-saving improvements to your home.

Your application is sent to us by your chosen installer or your details are referred to us by Citizen's Advice, a GP or NHS professional healthcare worker.


We will need to confirm that your household meets the eligibility criteria for the ECO4 scheme.


Once we've confirmed eligibility with proof of occupancy/ownership (via bank statements, wage slips and other accepted evidence), we'll provide a declaration to the installer and to Ofgem.


Your installer or your chosen contractor will decide what to install to make the best energy-saving improvements to your home. They will contact you to discuss and arrange the works.