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Registering to vote

If you want to vote in future elections you will need to make sure you are registered.

You can use this service to:

  • get on the electoral register so you can vote in elections or referendums
  • update your name, address or nationality by registering again with your new details
  • get on or off the open register

How to register if you're not already registered

You can apply to register via the government website. It's simple, quick and secure.  Remember to have your national insurance number to hand before you start.

Register to vote

If you prefer, you can also download a paper registration form on the GOV.UK website to complete and return by post, or you can scan and email it to us.

You can only register yourself to vote. You can't register a family member, even if they live in the same property.

Easy read guide

Read a step-by-step, easy read guide to registering to vote. This guide on GOV.UK is an example of an application to register to vote.

How to register when you move house

When you move house within the district you need to re-register by visiting the registering to vote page on GOV.UK where you can enter the details of your new address and provide us with the details of the address you have moved from.

How to register if you live abroad or are away from home

From 16 January 2024 British citizens living overseas no longer have a 15 year limit on voting rights and the registration period has changed. 

Find out more about these changes to overseas voting on The Electoral Commission site.

Overseas electors can only vote at a parliamentary general election and at national referenda. Make sure that you register in time to vote at the general election in 2024. When you register to vote as an overseas elector you will stay on the register for 3 years before you are contacted to renew your registration.

If you are an existing overseas elector with us, you should wait for us to contact you about renewing as you cannot do this online, but please ensure you have an absent vote set up (postal or proxy).

Important- please make sure as soon as you have registered as an overseas elector that you set up a postal or proxy vote as that is how you will vote. Bear in mind that the election timetable is tight at an election and there is a limited time frame for you to receive, complete and return a postal vote. If your post from the UK takes more than 2 weeks to arrive, we would advise you arranging for a proxy to vote on your behalf in the UK. If they do not live close to conveniently vote in Uttlesford they can arrange to be a postal proxy.  

There are special arrangement for you to register to vote if:

What happens when you apply to register

When you register online or by returning a paper form your details will be checked against other records to confirm your identity.

If your details are confirmed, you will receive a letter telling you that you have been successfully registered.

If your details cannot be confirmed, we will write to you asking for more information to confirm your identity. The letter will explain what you will need to do.

Watch a video of how to register online

Watch a short demo video on YouTube showing you how you can register online to vote.

Anonymous registration

Legislation came into effect in 2007 which enables persons who would be at risk of danger if their name and address were to appear in the electoral register to register anonymously.

For example, you can apply if:

  • you are escaping from domestic violence
  • your occupation means you must keep your identity private.

You cannot use anonymous registration as an ex-directory scheme.

This means that only an electoral number would be shown in the register under a separate section. All electoral documents would be treated in strict confidence and not available to the general public. This also applies to any person living in the same household as another person who is at risk.

Application forms and further information can be obtained from the Electoral Commission. Please contact us if you wish to discuss the matter.

If you application is successful, your anonymous registration lasts for one year. We will write to you three months before your registration is due to expire.

Voter ID

Electors are required to show an accepted form of photographic identification to cast their vote in person as from May 2023. Find out what are accepted forms of photo identification.

If you don't already have an accepted form of photo ID, or you're not sure whether your photo ID still looks like you, you can apply for a free voter ID document know as a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC).

Change of address

Registering to vote does not automatically mean you are on the Council Tax register.  If you have either moved into the district or within the district, please register for Council Tax at your new address. You can find out how to do this on our Moving house? page.

Change of name

If you have recently changed your name, such as through marriage or by deed poll, the register of electors needs to be updated to enable you to vote.

Please complete the Change of name on electoral register form and submit it with supporting evidence.

We need to see evidence of your new name via an official document such as a copy of your new passport or driving licence; a copy of your deed poll or if it is due to marriage, your marriage certificate.

Get help registering

You can get advice about registering to vote from the electoral office.

Get a certificate of residency

To get proof that you are on the current register of electors for your address you can ask for a certificate of residency.