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Local Land Charges and Searches

Land charge searches are important because it they can you about possible restrictions or issues affecting your home.

Use the links below to go to the interactive mapping system and to search for Local land Charges information online. To access the Public Access module to request and pay for searches online, use the link below under Submission and return of a Search.

Unfortunately the online Land Charges mapping system is not currently working. Searches can still be submitted by email or post.

What is a Search?

A local search is carried out when property/land is purchased, leased or valued in order to establish what, if any, matters affect the property/land.

Information provided on a search relates only to the property or land identified on the search requisition and plan. No information is provided regarding surrounding property or land unless this is specifically requested.

The Search is in two parts. The first, LLC1, deals with all charges that can be registered, i.e. grants, tree preservation orders, planning agreements and listed buildings etc.

Find Property information

Property information may be found using the Council's Land Charges mapping system.

Unfortunately the online Land Charges mapping system is not currently working. Searches can still be submitted by email or post.

Submission and return of a Search

The Council is linked to level 3 of National Land Information Service "NLIS". It also has its own online public access system.

Search the Uttlesford Local Land Charges Public Access module

Searches can also be submitted by email or post.

A search should consist of the following:

  • Forms LLC1 and CON29
  • An up to date plan showing, clearly outlined in red, the property/land to be searched
  • The appropriate fee

Payment can be made by the following methods:

  • Cheque for correct fee payable to Uttlesford District Council. Client cheques are not acceptable
  • By credit/debit card - please email to request a call back to make payment
  • Note - no work will start on a search until the full fee is received

Return of Searches

All searches other than those received via NLIS or the Public Access online system will be returned by email wherever possible. Where no email address is provided searches will be returned by 1st class post.


This is the official requisition for a search in the Local Land Charges Register. The Official Certificate of Search is completed and signed by the authorised officer of the council.


The CON29 comprises required CON29 and optional CON29O parts.  Customers can submit CON29 requests separate from an LLC1 if required.   Please note that requests for individual CON29 questions will no longer be accepted.   CON29O questions can be submitted individually if required together with the relevant fee shown in table below.

If information about particular roads is required, this must be clearly identified on the plan and in Box C on form CON29. Words such as "all abutting" are not acceptable.

Question 22 on the CON29O is for common land enquiries. The request and payment should be sent to the council, but the answer will be returned directly to you from Essex County Council.

Additional questions

Enquirers wishing to ask their own additional questions should raise these directly with the relevant department (a fee may be payable).

Environmental Information Regulations - Property information

Under the EIR the Local Land Charges Register may be viewed free of charge by using the Council's Land Charges mapping system.

Search the Land Charges mapping system

Fees for searches

From 31 March 2017 VAT will be payable on all charged searches aside from LLC1 enquiries.

All fees and charges for searches


Additional information

► CON29 forms can be viewed on the Law Society website

Information on where to submit Con 29 (w) drainage searches (PDF) [18KB]

Information Commissioner's Office guidance on property search information and the Environmental Information Regulations


If you require any further information regarding any aspects of Local Land Searches please contact us.

Tel: 01799 510418 or 01799 510419

All Local Land Charges email enquiries should be sent to:

Land ownership enquiries should be addressed to the Land Registry

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