MiPermit - Pay by phone

You can now pay for your parking using your phone at any of Uttlesford District Council's Pay and Display car parks.

MiPermit Home Feature

Just register to pay by phone at https://secure.mipermit.com/northessex/Application/home.aspx

Cashless Pay & Stay Parking - How does it work?

MiPermit supply services to car park operators that facilitates cashless and ticketless parking. This means that car parks supported by MiPermit can offer customers the ability to not having find change for parking and can pay by credit or debit card, as well as reducing waste by not requiring a paper ticket to be displayed in the vehicle. Using the system is easy, just follow the instructions that can be found on the location signs around the car parks.

When you pay for your parking through MiPermit, your vehicle details are synchronised with the patrolling enforcement officers hand-held computer in real-time, so when the officer sees you are not displaying a paper ticket or permit, they check their hand-held and will find your vehicle has a valid stay attached to it.

Using a cashless service is fast, convenient and easier to manage. You can arrange your parking by telephone, SMS from your mobile, or online up to 7 days in advance using a MiPermit portal.

Using cashless parking for the first time

Send an SMS to 61600 with the word PARK and your vehicle registration number.

For example:


Our automated system will call you back for the following information.

  • Car park location number
  • Your payment card details

If at anytime you have difficulty with the process, stay on the phone. You will be transferred to one of the MiPermit team that will help you through the remainder of the process.

Once registered, you will be sent a PIN to use with your account. The PIN is only used for logging in to a MiPermit portal, or when using the telephone to create stays when not using your registered mobile phone.

Returning customers that have already registered

There are multiple ways that you can use your cashless parking at participating locations. These are:

Creating your stay by telephone

On arrival at a participating car park, call 0345 505 1155 from your mobile. Calls cost the standard rate as set by your mobile provider.

If calling from a telephone that is not your registered mobile phone, you will be asked to enter your member number (mobile number) and your four digit PIN.

Enter the six digit location code using your keypad.

Enter the duration required using your keypad.

If you have more than one vehicle on your account, you will be asked to select the vehicle to use.

To extend your stay by telephone

Call 0345 505 1155 from any telephone. If not using your registered mobile, you'll need to enter your mobile number and PIN. We'll detect if you already have a stay in progress and offer you to extend the stay.

Creating your stay by SMS

On arrival at a participating car park, send an SMS to 61600 with the word PARK and the location number and duration in hours or minutes.

For example:

PARK 702233 30mins

PARK 702233 2hrs

If you want to park for part-hours, and the location supports part-hours, you should state the duration in minutes.

For example, for the duration of one and a half hours:

PARK 702233 90mins

If you want to add a new vehicle to your account, or have more than one vehicle on your account already, you can stipulate which vehicle to use by adding the registration number to the end of the SMS.

For example:

PARK 702233 30mins T123EST

PARK 702233 2hrs T123EST

Please note that once you have more than one vehicle on your account, you will need to add the registration number of the vehicle you wish to park to all messages. If you do not, the system will take the last vehicle added to your account as default.

To extend your stay by SMS

If you need to extend your stay, you can do so by SMS or by logging in to a MiPermit portal. To extend, send an SMS to 61600 with the word EXTEND and the duration to extend by.

For example:

EXTEND 30mins

EXTEND 1hour

You will not be able to extend a stay past its opening hours, or if the location has a maximum stay limit.

Creating your stay using a MiPermit portal

You can create your stays up to 7 days in advance by using a MiPermit portal as well as administer members, PINs and vehicles, and download VAT receipts for your parking.

The portal is straight forward to use, and explains each step while logged in.

Creating your stay using the Android or iPhone app

The MiPermit smartphone apps make it even easier to create your parking. More information on the features of the apps can be found in the MiPermit smartphone guide.

What are the costs of this service?

It is free to register for MiPermit services. At point of registration you will be asked for your payment details but we do not take any payments from your payment method until you use the service.

The costs associated with this service are:


  • Above the cost of parking, depending on the car park operator, you may be charged a small processing fee per stay arranged.
  • Calls to our 0345 number are charged at a local rate from landlines, and depending on your network provider call costs may vary. Please ask your network provider for this information.
  • SMS costs are charged at the standard rate set out by your network provider. SMS reminders which we can send to you cost 10p per reminder sent and are attached to the cost of your stay.
  • Season tickets and permits do not carry a processing fee and are charged at the rate set out by the car park operator.

Once you've parked you can call or text back at any time to extend your stay.

Where to Park in Uttlesford

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