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Local Plan Panel

The Local Plan Panel (LPP) is a working group of the Cabinet. It may make recommendations but is not a decision-making body. The LPP is a successor body to the Local Plan Leadership Group which stood between 2020 and 2023.


  • To assist the Council in the preparation of a local plan which meets the agreed development needs of the district during the course of the plan period in the most appropriate manner;
  • To make recommendations to Cabinet as to the preparation of the draft Uttlesford Local Plan 2021 - 2041, and related planning policy documents, in the light of both documents submitted by officers to the LPP for consideration and any other matters as the LPP sees fit;
  • To enable members of the public to address the LPP for a maximum of 4 minutes and to provide a copy of their statement, subject to having registered to speak in advance;
  • To enable councillors from Uttlesford District Council and Town and Parish Councils to address the Group for a maximum of 5 minutes each and to provide a copy of their statement, subject to having registered to speak in advance


Meetings shall generally be held in public but may be held in private if it is considered that to be either desirable or necessary in the interests of commercial confidentiality, or there were matters arising which might otherwise be considered detrimental to the Local Plan making process, if discussed in public.

► Local Plan Panel meetings and papers


►  Local Plan Panel Terms of Reference & Membership February 2024 (PDF) [92KB]