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Brownfield land register

Brownfield land is land that has been previously developed. For a site to be considered as previously developed land it must meet the definition found in Annex 2 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Land and buildings in agricultural/forestry use and residential gardens are not considered to be previously developed.

Brownfield land register

Regulation 3 of the government's Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulation 2017 sets out the requirement that local authorities must keep a register of previously developed land. The brownfield land register is a list of previously development sites in the district that we have assessed as being suitable for housing and which also meet the criteria set out in Regulation 4 of the legislation. 

The register comprises two parts:

Part 1 of the brownfield land register includes brownfield (or "previously developed") sites that are suitable for residential development.

Part 2 of the register will list those sites in Part 1 that the local planning authority has decided would be suitable for a grant of permission in principle for residential development. The council has not considered sites for inclusion in Part 2 of the register.

Map of brownfield sites

The Part 1 register is available in two formats:

Brownfield land register (XLS) (gi.ui.mediatype.spreadsheets) [61KB]
Brownfield land register (CSV) (gi.ui.mediatype.spreadsheets) [10KB]

The register includes sites from two main sources:

  • Brownfield sites that have extant planning permission
  • Brownfield sites that are identified in the Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA) as being deliverable and developable against the criteria in the National Planning Policy Framework

Notes for using the register:

  • Further details on any site with a planning reference starting UTT/ can be found by searching our Planning Applications system
  • Further details on any site with a planning reference such as 16Saf16 can be found by searching our  page

What happens next?

The register is made up of a standard set of information, as prescribed by the Government. This was updated in March 2020, and made publicly available, to help provide certainty for developers and communities and encourage investment in local areas. All registers will then be used to monitor the government's commitment to the delivery of brownfield sites.


Additional information

Central Government has published the following guidance:

Brownfield land registers

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