Local Plan 2005

The council is required to decide planning application in accordance with the development plan unless there are other more important factors which need to be considered.

The development plan for Uttlesford is made up of the Adopted Local Plan, the Minerals Local Plan and the Waste Local Plan.

Printed copies of the 2005 plan can be purchased for £25.

Adopted Uttlesford Local Plan 2005

The current local plan was adopted in 2005. It provides the basis for all planning decisions within the district. It contains policies relating to the location of development and protection of environmental features. These policies are monitored and reviewed by the council to make sure that the policies are meeting the council's aims.

Written statements

The written statements of the Uttlesford Local Plan contain the adopted policies and supporting text as adopted by the council in 2005.

Uttlesford Local Plan 2005 written statements (PDF) [765KB]

The council made an application in July 2007 to save the policies in the Uttlesford District Local Plan. The Secretary of State's direction in respect of this request was received in December 2007. All the policies except two, which relate to completed development sites in Takeley, have been saved.

The Secretary of State's direction and schedule of saved policies (PDF) [294KB]

Local Plan maps

The inset maps from the Uttlesford Local Plan are arranged in alphabetical order by parish. Great Dunmow and Saffron Walden town insets are available as separate maps. A maps proposals key (PDF) [2MB] explains the symbols and colours used in the maps.

Uttlesford Local Plan 2005 inset maps (PDF) [20MB]

Great Dunmow town inset map (PDF) [12MB]

Saffron Walden town inset map (PDF) [11MB]

You can also use our Constraints map to see Local Plan information and policies.

Conservation areas

Some changes have been made to conservation areas since adoption. You can view maps of the revised boundaries of reviewed conservation areas on the conservation area appraisals page.

Neighbourhood plans

Four 'made' neighbourhood plans have been adopted by the council as part of the statutory development plan.   They now sit alongside the Uttlesford Local Plan Adopted 2005.  Should planning permission be sought in areas covered by any adopted neighbourhood plan, the application must be determined in accordance with both the neighbourhood plan and the Local Plan. These neighbourhood plans are:

Supplementary Planning Documents and other planning guidance