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Cost of living support

Advice and support to help manage the rising cost of living.

Rights and responsibilities

Structural Stability

We are responsible for: Roofs, walls, floors and ceilings, window frames, outside doorframes and doors, Chimneys (except sweeping) and most drains, gutters and pipes outside.

You are responsible for: Windows & door glass (including double glazing) if the damage is due to your misuse Clothes lines, posts and rotary driers (unless you share them with others) Keeping gutters and drain gullies clear, unless you are elderly or infirm.


We are responsible for: Faulty door locks, window catches and security devices if we have provided them.

You are responsible for: Lost keys and other locks.

Sanitary fittings

We are responsible for: Sink, basin, toilet, bath or shower (if we have provided them), taps, waste pipes and traps (we may recharge you for any blockages).

You are responsible for: Accidental damage to sink, bath, basin plugs and chains, blockages you have caused and tap washers (unless you are elderly).

Water Services

We are responsible for: Water tanks, cylinders and pipework.

You are responsible for: Washing machine fittings and wastes, including supply valves unless we have provided them.

Gas Installation

We are responsible for: Piping and outlets - appliances we have provided or accepted.

You are responsible for:All fittings and appliances we have not provided.

Electrical Installation

We are responsible for: Wiring and consumer units, switches, lighting and power points and appliances we have provided.

You are responsible for: Appliance plugs, fittings and appliances we have not provided, door bells we have not provided, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters and smoke alarms unless we have provided them.

Solid fuel heating installations

We are responsible for: Fire bricks, grates, frets, firebacks and back boilers.

You are responsible for: Appliances we have not provided and sweeping chimneys.


We are responsible for: All outside surfaces previously decorated.

You are responsible for: All surfaces inside and anything we have not installed or is not our property.


The Council as a landlord has the appropriate insurance cover on all its houses when dealing with fire, floods, lightning etc.

You are responsible for: Ensuring that you take out adequate insurance cover for your home contents and for accidental damage that may occur to the property for which you are responsible.


You are responsible for: The maintenance and on-going costs associated with fixtures and fittings supplied by you or installed by the Council at your request.

Other items inside the property

We are responsible for: Kitchen fitments and worktops we have provided, doors inside and cylinder jackets.

You are responsible for: Door furniture, hinges, locks, catches and bolts on inside doors we have not fitted, glass inside the property, blinds and curtain rails, floor coverings, clothes airers, hat and coat rails and hooks, shelving and minor cracks to the plaster.

Other items outside the property

We are responsible for: Access paths and steps directly to the front and back doors, drainage and boundary walls and fences we have provided.

You are responsible for: All paths other than access paths, patios, garden features, steps, and ornamental walls, dividing garden fences, walls and hedges.