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Advice and support to help manage the rising cost of living.


We're proud to be part of a area of Essex which is rich in different habitats.

'Biodiversity' is short for 'biological diversity' and is the term used to describe the variety of all living things and the assemblages of plants, animals and natural materials we call habitats and includes the processes that occur in these natural systems.

But biodiversity is not only about wildlife, it is also about people. It is a key component of the quality of all our lives, providing wide-ranging social and economic benefits. Crucially, the health of the environment is indicative of the sustainable use of natural systems - air, soil and water for example - upon which we all depend.

The biodiversity of our earth, our country and our county has been depleted and is further threatened by our careless attitude to the environment and thoughtless short-term economic exploitation of natural resources. Action is therefore required if our biodiversity is to be maintained and enhanced. This is an ongoing commitment to the future - for our own wellbeing and also for our children's. We all have a duty of care for our environment and our aim must be that current threats are removed and the richness of our local and global biodiversity is restored.

Countryside and wildlife

About the local countryside, wildlife sites and protected verges in the district

Tree planting

We're working with partners and planting a new generation of trees across Uttlesford.

Biodiversity net gain

What biodiversity net gain is, land manager guidance, developer guides and how to calculate biodiversity value

Essex Local Nature Partnership

Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs) bring together local organisations, businesses and people who want to improve their local natural environment

Big Garden Birdwatch 2023

Results of the Big Garden Birdwatch 2023